May 01, 2019

I want to sit with you face-to-face. I want to share an experience + ritual that is near + dear to me, that is deeply impactful, that touches hearts. They are either simple rituals that I have developed over the last 15 years, or more importantly, ancient practices that were passed down to me from an unbroken lineage of masters from Tibet. These practices effortlessly purify obstacles and invite auspiciousness.

In short, this is the most profound offering that I could ever make. I believe that if you + I sit together in this way, magic can happen.


This private ceremony brings the purest part of you to the forefront, bringing together all the parts, pieces & personalities of you into a more aligned, clear + focused version of you. It cleanses your energetic systems, strengthens your best qualities + awakens a deep peacefulness within you.


This experience is about 90 minutes, though sometimes it can run over to two hours.

  • Private Consultation with Katie Hess
  • Botanical Treatment
  • Smoke Offering
  • Flower Offering
  • Five or six flower elixirs that I feel will best serve you, your life & your specific concerns over the next few months — shipped to your doorstep right after the ceremony.


First, a private consult with myself, Katie. We talk about what you really want in life, what's working, what's not working and any current heart pain or questions.

This is rare. I don’t offer private consultations anymore and haven’t for almost a decade. I’m not sure how long I will be offering these private ceremonies, only that for right now I am feeling called to offer them.  


Eucalyptus, fresh flowers + and our traveling apothecary of flower essences + aromatherapy are woven into an experience that is gentle, fully clothed, and more relaxing than a massage. The plants + flower essences help you quickly release tension while lying down or standing.


An ancient Tibetan chanting practice, along with sacred herbs offered on your behalf for about 30 minutes while you meditate or relax. It is a blessing in profound ways that are felt, but hard to describe.

I’ve studied + practiced with Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches, monks + nuns for over 15 years; this particular smoke offering practice is designed to remove obstacles + facilitate auspiciousness, wealth, health + long life.


First we give you a colorful Southeast Asian cloth for you to change into. We make a mother essence of specific flowers in water and infuse it with wishes + prayers and then dump it over your head as a spiritual bathing practice + blessing.

We seal the entire ceremony with a customized dedication and several days later, you receive six flower elixirs/mists/oils shipped to your doorstep to enhance the results of your experience over the months to come. You will also receive a digital packet of professional photos that capture your experience.

As the most profound, intimate + transformative service that we've ever offered, I can say with full confidence that this is truly a pivotal experience. If you are at any kind of crossroads (when are we not?), this is a way to catapult you into the ripening of your full potential + beauty.

I would be honored to sit with you in this way ~ book your Private Ceremony here.

Love + flower petals, 

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