Holistic Chef & Culinary Innovator

Justin Booher

Justin has fifteen years of experience as culinary director, food and beverage manager, event specialist and traveling chef in Spain, Switzerland and Croatia.

He infuses his creations with LOTUSWEI flower essences to enhance mood, along with Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs to strengthen the body.

Through flavor, texture, aroma and vision, Justin’s food gently demands your attention while nurturing connection, growth, and expansion. His mantra while cooking: nourishing abundance.

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  • Holistic Cooking Methods

    Learn to cook for someone who is sick with modern cooking and traditional techniques to bring harmony to your bodies nutrition and your kitchen.

  • LOTUSWEI Flower Essences

    From breakfast to dinner and all snacks in between, Justin infuses food and beverages with flower essences based on clients needs.

  • Meal Planning & Food Prep

    Create your own meal plan with Justin. Receive food preparation instruction, recipes, and assistance with food choices to nourish you into abundance.

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