Founder of Wei of Chocolate

Lisa Reinhardt

With over 30 years of daily practice, Lisa offers one-on-one and group meditation instruction for those who are curious about how meditation might be helpful to them, or for those who are already meditating, and wish to revitalize and fine-tune their practice.

Lisa is also the founder of Wei of Chocolate, an organic chocolate company infusing LOTUSWEI flower essences into every bar of dark chocolate.

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Meditation & Wisdom Teachings

Sit with Lisa for guided meditation instruction & storytelling. Whether you're brand new to meditation or have your own daily practice, this class is meant to evoke self-arising insights & inspire dedication to your own awakening.

Tuesday: 6-7pm
Saturday: 10-11am

*Cost: by donation.

30 years ago, Lisa spent a decade traveling the Himalayas.

She lived in monasteries, did a solo retreat in a cave, and studied with many of the greatest meditation masters of the 20th century who had escaped from Tibet and were living in exile in the Himalayas.

By immersing herself in that world, she saw firsthand the incredible impact it makes when people spend a lifetime committed to meditation.

The benefits are palpable.

When you walk into a room, you can feel the difference.

These are the joyful ones, the light-hearted ones; the kind, loving and yes, powerful ones. 

All the good qualities we aspire to (and sometimes feel are unattainable) are nourished & revealed by meditation.

She returned from Asia steeped in enthusiasm & commitment for this life-altering path ...

... only to discover that it would take another 16 years before mindfulness became a thing.

In the meantime, she started an organic chocolate company to subversively teach meditation by enticing people to let the chocolate melt slowly in their mouths.

After many years thinking that she could only help others once she had attained the same awe-inspiring state of her teachers, she realized that actually:

Today is enough.

  • Meditation Instruction

    With 30 years of self-awakening practices under her belt, Lisa offers unique insight into the experience & benefits of daily meditation. Each session is fully customized to support what's happening in your life.

  • Flower Essences

    With 20 years experience with LOTUSWEI flower essences, Lisa can connect you with the elixir you need most. She'll expand your understanding of how they work & what's possible when you use them consistently.

  • Virtual Support

    Lisa offers online consultations for meditation instruction & flower essence support. Not sure what you need? She will know. And she'll you get you situated with what will most benefit you n-o-w.

"A session with Lisa is like sitting with your best friend; she’s grounded, soothing, a total energy gamechanger. In a short time, you could go from dark night of the soul … to everything is going to be ok."