Experience the powerful effects of flower essences combined with transformative healing arts.

Flower Essence Private Ceremony

with Katie HEss & Taylor Rico

Remove obstacles, cleanse your energetic system & strengthen your best qualities. This is a sacred experience & the results are profound.

90-minute ceremony includes:
Private Consultation with Katie Hess, LOTUSWEI Botanical Treatment, Auspicious Smoke Offering Ceremony, Flower Cleansing Ritual & a custom flower essence regimen.

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Flower Essence Consultation

with katie hess

Meet yourself where you're at, and gain flower essence support to unlock your potential -- with a flower card reading & 1:1 time with Flower Alchemist Katie Hess. By choosing the flowers you're most attracted to, discover the flowers you need most to accelerate personal growth, dissolve self-limiting patterns and enhance specific areas of your life!

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Flower Essence Consultation with Transformative Practices

with lisa reinhardt

Discover new aspects of yourself through a mirror of the botanical world, combined with a customized meditation session with a longtime meditator. Receive custom flower essence recommendations to target exactly what is going on in your life.

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Auspicious Botanical Smoke Offering

with trained practitioners

This auspicious & transformative experience is specifically dedicated to removing obstacles from your life & inspiring prosperity, longevity & happiness. Katie Hess requested this ancient Tibetan smoke offering practice from a Tibetan Lama many years ago, and we've been practicing it ever since.

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Flower Essence Acupuncture


Enjoy the intersection of flower essences with Traditional Chinese Medicine with LOTUSWEI certified licensed acupuncturist, Alan Chang. This session may include acupressure, acupuncture or energetic medicine depending on your needs.

*virtual sessions available

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Flower Essence Applied Kinesiology


Dr. Elizabeth is efficient & intuitive. She has a big bag of tools to empower her clients. She can quickly identify what emotional patterns are driving physical imbalances and connects you with corresponding healing remedies through muscle testing. 

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Feng Shui Diagnostic & Palace Maps

with Alison Van Wyck

Feng Shui Diagnostic & Palace Maps for your space!

9 palace map of the home
9 palace map of each room
Analysis of inhabitants' connection to space
Two 60min Zoom meetings to get the full report

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