Do any one of these sound familiar?
  • You’re experiencing some kind of major transition or change
  • You’ve experienced a lot of stress lately
  • You feel stuck in a pattern that holds you back
  • You feel like there’s more to life but that there’s something you’re missing
  • Certain life circumstances seem murky, unclear or confusing
  • You want to accelerate your personal growth path

Or … you just kind of want someone to wave a magic wand and have things fall into place effortlessly.

We don’t have a wand and we can’t promise everything in life will be effortless, but we offer Auspicious Smoke Offering Ceremonies at the SAN Center.

The benefits of performing a smoke offering ritual are numerous:

  • Generates harmony & peace
  • Protects your physical/spiritual bodies
  • Purifies negative karma & other obstacles
  • Creates sacred space
  • Clears disruptive energies
  • Honors your protectors, ancestors & loved ones

When we perform a Smoke Offering Ceremony, our genuine intent, prayers, wishes and aspirations are carried throughout the billionfold universe. Seen and unseen beings, karmic connections & energetic vibrations, are all honored and awoken by the smoke, flame & embers of the offering.

Burning plants as an offering & purification ritual has been in practice for millennia, across every culture. The burning of special plants releases the vibrational energy of their qualities, and the smoke is used as offering, carrying prayers and aspirations into the universe.

Before the smoke offering ceremony, we can talk & set specific intentions if desired. During the ceremony you either sit in meditation or lie down and relax - I chant in Tibetan, while burning auspicious herbs on your behalf and for your benefit.

It’s an intimate practice that brings out your true nature & inner beauty. It doesn’t require any religious beliefs and is beneficial for everyone. You’ll also receive flower essences to integrate the practice.

If you want to bring friends or loved ones to be part of your ceremony, they can simply make a donation and it will benefit everyone. You can also gift the ceremony to a close friend or loved one.

This ceremony is super rare and almost impossible to find! I’ve been doing it privately for the last decade; I’ve only made it available to the public in the last year.

It would be my honor to spend time with you this way.

Book an Auspicious Smoke Offering Ceremony here

Love & flower petals,

P.S. Here's what people are saying about these ceremonies:

"I have had the privilege of being a part of this life-changing ritual twice. It is truly one of the most powerful experiences in my life. It unlocked trappings around my heart that I had hardly even known to be there. A flow began that is continuing to expand the space between who I have thought myself to be and who I really am. This space continues to deepen my sense of presence, beingness + willingness to express my most authentic nature. To me, this is the true definition of freedom and radical expansion."

"The ceremony was expanding to my heart, body and mind at a cellular level, and was a profound clearing of old energy. And while I felt the effects acutely and dramatically over the first week, I continue to feel viscerally connected to the experience and it's sensual and spiritual sustenance."


"The ceremony was a wonderful way to mark new beginnings and open up an awareness to what life has in store for me."

"My Smoke Offering ceremony was such a gift. I feel so honored and blessed to have been a recipient. The chanting was beautiful and I was deeply moved by it. I left that day feeling lighter and deeply nourished. I have absolutely no doubt that shifts were made."

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