Founder & Flower Alchemist

Katie Hess

Katie Hess is an expert of flower alchemy - using the healing power of flowers to awaken our true potential.

Whether it’s hosting retreats, leading meditations, or her travels to find the planet’s most powerful flowers, the essence of Katie’s work is to awaken people to their own inner wisdom

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  • Private Ceremony

    A divine, exquisite, otherworldly barrage of the senses. Clients say that afterward, their life takes on a different trajectory. 

  • Smoke Offering

    An ancient Tibetan practice that is dedicated to removing obstacles from your life and inspiring prosperity, longevity & happiness.

  • Botanical Rituals

    Transformative flower & botanical rituals that bring you back to your own true nature with the love, scents & magic of the earth.

  • The most epic treatment I've ever had: ceremoniously rustled in leaves, sprayed with more intoxicating flower essences then imaginable, saged, rained on, palo santo’d, rubbed with flowers, showered in flowers, hands & feet anointed with oils. I literally got up from the table rebirthed and anew! Katie and Taylor have their magic down to a fine art and work together with such beautiful synchronicity. 

    | Singapore

  • My private ceremony unlocked trappings around my heart that I had hardly even known to be there. A flow began that is continuing to expand the space between who I have thought myself to be and who I really am. This space continues to deepen my sense of presence, beingness & willingness to express my most authentic nature. To me, this is the true definition of freedom & radical expansion.

    | Florida

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