Alison Van Wyck

Alison Van Wyck is a multi-faceted visual artist, particularly in the art of painting & Feng Shui.

Her expertise in Feng Shui, combined with her artistic talent, allows her to create beautiful & harmonious spaces that magnify auspicious energy.

Alison is also the founder of Wisdom Nectar Tea.

Comprehensive Feng Shui Package

Feng Shui is way more profound than just moving stuff. We are creatures of habit & change is hard. It's a huge self-reflection process — on your life as you’ve created it. And once you start to change your environment, it starts to change you. Get ready to allow change in.

how it works

First you get the diagnosis, then you get the treatment plan.

The health of your space = the health & happiness of the people inside it.


Diagnostic & Palace Maps

Get a full report on all the challenging & auspicious elements of your space.

This is where we give you the good news & the bad news. You choose which one first. ; )


After Alison does 25-40+ hours of calculations & study on your space, your diagnostic consultation will include:

  • Nine Palace Map of the space 
  • Reading of outer-environment & how it influences the space
  • Breakdown of current Qi & habitual flow patterns
  • Reports on each inhabitant's relationship to the space ~ and their respective 'Power Spots'
  • Virtual meetings to review all materials
  • Flower essence, chocolate & tea ~ to support changes


Treatments & Enhancements

Get customized suggestions for recharging your environment to make you feel more expansive, abundant & in your element!


Enhancements may include:

  • Custom layouts for rooms
  • Color & element enhancements
  • Movement/replacement of furniture
  • Relocation of inhabitants within the space
  • Best facing directions
  • Decorative suggestions such as paint colors, rugs, wall hangings, plants, etc.
  • Building designs, materials or floor plans for build outs / remodels

During this process of accentuating positivity & decreasing misfortune, we'll move as slowly or swiftly as you wish.

This project includes having direct contact with Alison for 6-months while you make all the necessary changes to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits should I expect from Feng Shui?

Some things you might experience:

Feeling more 'in your element'
More harmony in your relationships
More strength, clarity & health
Less illness, betrayal, gossip & fire hazards
More positivity & less misfortune
More support & nourishment from your environment

In 2022, Alison gave the entire SAN Center building a powerful Feng Shui upgrade. Founder Katie Hess wrote about it here.

What's the process from Phase I to Phase II?

Alison is like the doctor or healing practitioner for your home ~ the living & breathing body you & your family inhabit. The health of your home = the health & happiness of the people inside it.

So you can think of it like going to the doctor:

First you get the diagnosis (Phase I), then you get the treatment plan (Phase II).

Just like every body is different, every house is different.

In the diagnostic phase, you'll get a comprehensive report of the health of your house. What's right, what's wrong, what can stay, what needs to change.

Then you jump into Phase II to figure out the changes you need to implement in your space to harness the energies at play and create an environment conducive to wild happiness, health & wealth.

How long will my Feng Shui project last?

This project includes having direct access to Alison -- via your preferred mode of communication -- for 6 months to make the necessary enhancements in your space!

All the fixes, cures & enhancements will naturally happen in phases, as you let it.

After 6-months, a collaborative evaluation will take place & a custom quote will be created if you want to continue working with Alison on making auspicoius changes in your space.

What should I know before starting?

Feng Shui is way more profound than just moving stuff. We are creatures of habit & change is hard.

Once you start to change your environment, it starts to change you. :)

It is a huge self-reflection process — on your life as you’ve created it. Very brave & courageous.

We will support you with flower essences through all the changes & inner obstacles that come up.

Do I need a compass?

Yes! You will need a compass to do some of the measurements so we can do an accurate reading for you! If you don't have one already, I recommend this Boy Scout Compass.

What does Feng Shui mean?

The words Feng & Shui are literally wind & water – two elements that are powerful and gentle; fill space and dissipate ~ sharing the natural movement of flow.

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy: the ancient wisdom of watching nature for signs of what thrives and what is diminished by forces seen & unseen.

There are ways to harness these energies to create a very powerful and auspicious situation.

We'll look at all of the circumstances at play in your space, as well as what can be done to open up the gentle flow of energy in the places you are living, working, loving, dreaming, eating, communicating, meditating – and recharging.

Can I get more info before diving in?

100%. Book a free 20-min Feng Shui Discovery call with Taylor Rico here.

Taylor works with Alison throughout the entire Feng Shui project to translate all of Alison's calculations and directives into beautiful reports that make it easy for you to understand & execute! Taylor will walk you through a beautiful & short presentation on everything you need to know. She knows the process from the inside-out and can answer any questions you have!