Right after we got back from our last Flowerlounge event on the east coast in 2022, Alison on our team gave us a powerful Feng Shui upgrade for our headquarters!

Everything got turned upside down & moved around.

Alison is founder of Wisdom Nectar Tea; you may have tried her amazing teas before!

She’s also our resident artist — you can see her beautiful paintings on the Wisdom Nectar teabags and on the silks for the Flowerlounge events.

We drape them on clients during private ceremonies and wear them as clothing!

Besides being an incredible artist & medicine woman/tea maker - she’s talented in the arts of geomancy, or Feng Shui.

This involves measuring the exact degree of the front door & doing calculations with the year the building was built (and remodeled), along with all of the inhabitants birthdates!

With the birthdates, we’re all assigned an element, and from there, Alison encouraged us to move all of our desks into nourishing, power positions for our elements.

She also inspired us to use specific colors in our office environments to accentuate positivity & decrease misfortune.

You can use plants, colors, music, wall hangings and elements (water, wood, metal, fire, earth) to deactivate aspects like illness, betrayal, gossip & fire hazards.

The same can be done to activate strength, clarity, wealth, wisdom and good health for each person individually and collectively as an entity.

One funny example of something I wasn’t aware of before:

For my element, no matter what room I’m in — in this particular building, because of the year it was built, and the exact directional degree of the front door – the best place for me to sit is in the center of the room, because the center space of the room supports & nourishes me.

The funny thing is … my desk was not in the center of the room before.

And rather than sit at my desk, I preferred to move around with my laptop to different places in the building and naturally – sit in the middle of each room. In every situation I would do that because it was comfortable.

So now, I’ve pulled my desk more out into the middle and noticed a couple things:

I’m more focused at my desk, compared to where it was before.

I keep my desk slightly tidier and more cleared off vs. trying to protect myself from stray energies by piling all kinds of crap on it.

Whereas before I found it very difficult to use any beautiful things for myself (I would buy them and put them in storage), I’m more apt to choose the things that really move me – and put them into my workspace.

Another funny example of something I noticed:

We were doing A LOT of putting the color RED and literally fiery things in the FIRE section of the rooms (not good). For example, boiling tea kettles, burning moxa sticks, lighters, and hot red colors in the fire corner, which creates a propensity for a fire hazard.

These may seem like silly details, but once you’ve been through the process, it’s fascinating to see how each person’s behavior changes slightly with the tweaks made to their space.

If you were to witness a before & after…

You might notice that right now, each person is more inspired to take charge and feel naturally empowered and ‘in their element’.

As we expand beyond our desks and re-work all the elements in the entire building, our wish is to provide YOU, our visitors, with blessings & excellent health, wealth, good fortune and auspicious conditions as you visit our space.

Come visit us and see how you feel in our sanctuary!

Book a Feng Shui Consultation with Alison here.

Happy thoughts & flower petals,

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