Founder & Flower Alchemist

Katie Hess

Katie Hess is an expert of flower alchemy—using the healing power of flowers to awaken our true potential. She's the founder of SAN Center, author of Flowerevolution, and founder of LOTUSWEI.

Whether it’s hosting retreats, leading meditations, or her travels to find the planet’s most powerful flowers, the essence of Katie’s work is to awaken people to their own inner wisdom.

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Founder of Wei of Chocolate

Lisa Reinhardt

After traveling in the Himalayas for 11 years, living in monasteries and doing retreat in a cave, Lisa Reinhardt came back to the US to share what she’d learned about meditation only to discover that it would take another 16 years before mindfulness became a thing. After an a-ha moment eating chocolate, things took a delicious turn and she started Wei of Chocolate to subversively teach meditation by enticing people to let the chocolate melt slowly in their mouths.

With over 30 years daily practice, she offers uniquely valuable insight into the world of meditation. 

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Practitioner & Marketing Director

Taylor Rico

Taylor Rico is the Creative Director of Marketing for the SAN Center and LOTUSWEI. She travels the world with Katie to collect flower essences, lead Flowerlounge events, and perform botanical treatments & ceremonies.

As a LOTUSWEI practitioner, Taylor weaves together flower essences and exquisite experiences to create a space for insights arise and transformation to occur. 

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Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Alan Chang

Alan Chang, L.Ac is a second generation acupuncturist, having taken over his father’s practice 20 years ago in California. 

Alan is gentle & intuitive; he quietly tunes in to what people need, picking up emotional causes behind what’s causing physical symptoms. He can also identify daily lifestyle habits that greatly improve your vitality & wellbeing. Certified in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences, Alan incorporates the bioenergetics of flowers into every single one of his treatments.

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Artist & Founder of Wisdom Nectar

Alison Van Wyck

Alison Van Wyck is the founder of Wisdom Nectar Tea, an artist & a Feng Shui Consultant.

Alison has spent a lifetime exploring the connection between art, life & meditation. She holds an MFA in painting, and is professionally trained in Chinese calligraphy & Thangka painting.

Along with serving tea at the SAN Center, Alison teaches meditative creative art workshops that include Chinese Brush Calligraphy, Watercolor and Indigo Dyeing.

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Dr. Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth is efficient & intuitive. She has a big bag of tools to empower her clients. She can quickly identify what emotional patterns are driving physical imbalances and connects you with corresponding healing remedies through muscle testing. 

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Holistic Chef & Culinary Innovator

Justin Booher

Justin has fifteen years of experience as culinary director, food and beverage manager, event specialist and traveling chef in Spain, Switzerland and Croatia.

He infuses his creations with LOTUSWEI flower essences to enhance mood, along with Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs to strengthen the body.

Through flavor, texture, aroma and vision, Justin’s food gently demands your attention while nurturing connection, growth, and expansion. His mantra while cooking: nourishing abundance.

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