Do you want to accelerate your personal growth path?

Do you long for community that deeply values transformation & making an impact?

Do you want to be blasted with good energy & auspicious good fortune?

Welcome to the club.

A monthly practice dedicated to purifying inner & outer obstacles.

There are so many unseen forces that we cannot perceive that effect our health, state of mind, and energy in the environment.

The Smoke Offering is the means to dispel the negative forces that effect us and inspire prosperity, longevity & happiness.

It is said that this practice offers 7 years of auspicious good health & protection.

It offers everyone in the collective a boost of energy to awaken our true nature and fully embody our natural fearlessness.

The benefits of a smoke offering are numerous.

Our genuine intent is to:

  • Generate harmony & peace
  • Heal & protect physical/spiritual bodies
  • Purify negative karma & other obstacles
  • Create meaningful sacred space
  • Dispel unseen negative or disruptive energy
  • Honor our protectors & loved ones

A practice requested by Katie.

Katie requested this ancient Tibetan smoke offering practice from a Tibetan Lama many years ago, and we've been practicing it ever since.

It doesn’t require any religious beliefs and is beneficial for everyone.

  • “"The ceremony was a wonderful way to mark new beginnings and open up an awareness to what life has in store for me."

    Anjie Cho | New York City, NY

If you've been feeling like...

There’s more to life but there’s something you’re missing.

You're struggling with some kind of major transition or change.

You're stuck in a pattern that holds you back.

You're overwhelmed by abrasive energies or energetically drained.

Certain life circumstances have left you unclear or confused.

Then this monthly ceremony is for you.

Smoke Offering Club

Smoke Offering Club

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Date & Time Details:

What day?
For the most profound impact, the Smoke Offering will occur on the Thursday of the month that's closest to the full moon!

What time?
8am PST, 9am AZ, 11am EST

How to attend?
All smoke offerings will be done virtually through zoom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the LIVE ceremonies?

It is totally optional to show up to the live ceremonies via Zoom ~ although we'd LOVE to see your face there!

When we do the smoke offering, we're doing the practice and making offerings on YOUR behalf. So whether you are sitting quietly on the other side of the computer screen, or busy with other commitments, you will receive the benefit.

If I can't attend live, will you send a recording?

Due the intimacy of the ceremony, we do not record them. If you can't make it live, your presence is felt & we will make offerings on your behalf.

If I want to also make a smoke offering during the ceremony, what precious herbs do you recommend?

You can burn any herbs or plants that are precious to you.

We love burningCedar, dried Rose petals or powder, Cinnamon, Mugwort, Agarwood, Palo Santo, Benzoin Gum powder, Juniper, Pine & Orris Root powder.

You can find almost of the aforementioned herbs at

*If there is a particularly negative energy you want to clear, you can add a tiny, tiny dash of cayenne pepper powder to the herbs you're burning. If you do this, you MUST put your smoke offering outside (or else you will cough like crazy)!

Will I be able to have input into what the smoke offering is dedicated to?

100%! Before every smoke offering, we will send out a quick form for you to fill out to jot down your dedications. We will read them aloud before the smoke offering so everyone in attendance is aware of what their heartfelt presence is contributing to.

This is optional, and you may choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

What dates & times will the Smoke Offerings take place every month?

Each ceremony will land on the Thursday closest to the full moon.

2024 dates as follows:
March 28
April 25
May 23
June 20
July 25
August 22
September 19
October 17
November 14
December 19

It will begin the same time every month:
8am PST, 9am AZ, 11am EST

Usually this practice has a cost of $500, but we’re offering it for $108. We will donate 100% of the donations to a practitioner in the lineage of this practice, who can amplify its effects. 

May it benefit all beings everywhere.