Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Alan Chang

Alan Chang, L.Ac is a second generation acupuncturist, having taken over his father’s practice 20 years ago in California. 

Alan is gentle & intuitive; he quietly tunes in to what people need, picking up emotional causes behind what’s causing physical symptoms. He can also identify daily lifestyle habits that greatly improve your vitality & wellbeing. Certified in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences, Alan incorporates the bioenergetics of flowers into every single one of his treatments.

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  • Acupuncture

    Alan has worked with clients over the last 20 years. His specialties include burnout, adrenal overload, injuries & high stress.

  • LOTUSWEI Flower Essences

    Certified in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences, Alan incorporates the bioenergetics of flowers into all of his services.

  • Virtual Support

    Hop online with Alan for a wellness assessment! Get nutritional insights, acupressure point protocols, flower essences & more!

Get to know Alan:

There are a lot of acupuncturists. What makes you good at what you do?

The ability to listen to the body of the client — especially when it says something different than what they're saying. [he laughs]

What’s most inspiring about your work?

Seeing people come into their own happiness as they let go of their physical & emotional burdens.

What have you seen that has surprised you the most in your work?

The constant ability for people to heal themselves regardless of any previous diagnosis – however severe.

What are the types of cases or situations that you most love to work with people?

I enjoy working with any kind of physical symptoms, whether it’s sciatica, headaches, thyroid imbalances or adrenal depletion and am interested in how each person’s emotional healing allows their physical symptoms to dissolve.

Why do you bring flower essences into your Traditional Chinese Medicine practice?

In recognizing that emotional stressors & traumas greatly impact the physical body, the ability to prolong the emotional healing journey outside of the acupuncture session is greatly enhanced with the flower essences.

What’s your favorite flower essence & why?

Self Heal Flower & the Truthteller blend, because so much of where we all are in this time frame is how to see our truth & allow ourselves to self-heal.

What practices do you do to develop your intuitive sense?

Tai Chi allows me to intuitively feel the energetic movements through the physical body, and sitting meditative practices allow my mind to be still enough to allow myself to hear my own inner voice speaking to the spirit of the person in front of me.