About ten years ago, I hosted regular (what I called): “tea ceremonies”.

I would invite a group of people and we would sit in a circle outside under the trees or in my backyard. I would create a special medicinal tea for the evening, along with chocolate truffles, and boost the tea & chocolate with flower essences.

After treats, I led the group in various types of meditation. Sometimes with smaller, more intimate groups, we would do group healing sessions with one another. One evening I was inspired to bring some eucalyptus and rosemary from my neighborhood and use them in one of these treatments.

Fast forward a decade: I'm inspired to work once more with people in 1:1 sessions. Rather than individual therapy consultations, I love working in silence with the body with a variety of methods, including flower essences, Traditional Chinese Medicine tools, and aromatic botanicals!

In today's botanical treatment, we use awareness and intuition to create a custom session that is other-worldly.

A stimulation of all of the senses, bamboo chimes and what sounds like rain from the botanicals wakes up your sense of hearing.

A gentle flower essence mist rains down on your face and your body melts into oblivion while aromatic leaves, burning herbs and flower essences sweep impurities away from both the front and back of your body.

Your blood, lymph & tissues are stimulated and your nervous system can finally slow down to the pace of a flower.

All tension disappears & you comes alive with the life-force of nature.

The complete range of 12 LOTUSWEI blends (with flower essences hand-collected worldwide and developed over ten years), are used during the treatment, exposing you to a garden of 50 different flowers.

Each of the flowers has specific qualities, which enhance your ability to experience and embody states of mind like spacious awareness, fierce compassion, peacefulness, joy and inspiration.

Depending on your needs, other therapies may be incorporated, such as moxibustion, smudging, acupressure, fascial stimulation, sound therapy, guasha or rose petal facial massage.

The treatment removes obstacles and stagnancies in your auric field as well as fascial tissues. We create the utmost of loving experiences so that you may feel truly nurtured and nourished.

Clients say they feel like they’re “in a rainforest” or in a “flower temple”.

Practitioners who are certified in this technique are required to complete a year-long daily meditation practice of waking every morning at 4:15am. They also have had to work with LOTUSWEI flower essences for at least five years.

These botanical treatments are currently only available within a Private Flower Ceremony ~ learn more about that here.

Love + flower petals,

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