The Summer Fire Edition


Flower Essences ~ Nutrition ~ Chinese Medicine ~ Meditation ~ Tai Chi ~ Cooking

7/2-8/2 with Dr. Alan Chang & Chef Justin Booher

"... find harmony with the summer season and our hearts’ desires."

Do You Want The Freedom To Thrive This Summer?

How do you prepare for an abundant summer?

Summer is joy and happiness, love and laughter, and letting worries dissolve …

In Chinese Medicine these emotions are associated with the summer element of fire and the body's organ systems. When in harmony with the season we experience joy and ease in decisions; when out of balance we experience worry and limitations.

As the summer's fire element naturally melts away our stuck patterns it is normal to become restless as we look for something new. In Nourishing Abundance that new habit is found within yourself:

Your Self-Arising Nature.

  • Do you want to have more fun, smile and release complications?

  • Are you ready to take control of your health? 

  • Do you feel it’s time to follow your heart's innermost path and break through all limitations?

Make Nourishing Decisions.

Do any of the following resonate with you? Do you want to experience more joy? Are you looking for guidance in incorporating better habits into your daily life?

1. Melt away distraction with guided meditation practices. 

2. Strengthen your lifeforce and mobility through a Tai Chi and Qi Gong routine. 

3. Activate and balance your meridian system with acupressure and other methods of Chinese Medicine.

4. Notice the habits and tendencies that hold you back from your full potential with a Flower Essence regimen.

5. Become a confident cook through cooking demonstrations and food prep techniques.

6. Gain insights into your true nature with weekly journal prompts and group discussions. 

7. Cool the inner & outer body with herbal beverages infused in the sun. 

8. Soothe the stomach and enhance nutrient absorption with gut enzyme supplements.

9. Bring abundance to your meals with new herb-infused summertime recipes.

10. Feel supported throughout the process in an online community of like-minded people who have made the same choice as you.

What the program looks like:

  • July 2 - August 2
  • 4 live Zoom group calls : recorded & emailed
  • speed journaling to elicit self arising wisdom
  • tai chi exercise routines
  • weekly accountability emails
  • curated LOTUSWEI flower essences regimen
  • delicious healthy recipes
  • meal preparation & planning guidance
  • healing Chinese medicine practices 
  • open discussion Q&A
  • hand-blended Wisdom Nectar Herbal Tea
  • gut enhancing Clearvite supplement
  • online Mighty Networks community access
  • 3 new recipes a week

The Schedule:

Week 1 ~ Online activation - the Nourishing Abundance private group, “How to” videos to start incorporating the wellness tools into your life, intro to the new Awakened Understanding Flower Essence

Week 2 ~ Joy Juice and the Stomach/Small Intestines - bring belly laughter, happiness & enjoyment into everyday life

Week 3 ~ Saguaro Cactus and the Spleen - Be a balanced & strong Peaceful Warrior, integrate nourishment into action 

Week 4 ~ Inner Knowing & the Heart- How to continue on the path of the heart with expansive creativity

Week 5 ~ Awakened Understanding - integrating your practices into wholeness, be a witness to what arises within

  • Joy Juice Mist

    Feeling overly serious or like there's not enough time for fun? Are you over-complicating things?
    Retail $45

  • Awakened Understanding Elixir

    Can you find acceptance and resilience in showing your vulnerabilities?

    Divine Righteousness.

    Purity of Heart.

    Fearless Independence.

    Retail $55

  • Inner Knowing Anointing Oil

    Want to create something you've never created before but not sure how?

    Fearless Pioneering.
    Internal Resourcing.
    Effortless Unfolding.
    Retail $40

  • Saguaro Flower Elixir

    Do you find yourself falling into old habits out of the desire for comfort?
    Divine Righteousness.
    Purity of Heart.
    Fearless Independence.
    Limited Single Flower Elixir unavailable for Retail

  • Wisdom Nectar Tea ~ Sungria

    A ruby red sun-brewed cooler or a hot tisane for a perfect dose of natural antioxidants.

    Spicy herbal Sungria. Taste the sun & brighten up your day! Tart, fruity and refreshing ~ sweetened to perfection.
    Retail $27

  • Clearvite-CLA

    ClearVite-CLA uses an advanced formulation containing collagen-based protein & targeted amino acids that support the intestines, liver detoxication & sugar metabolism.

    ClearVite-CLA is formulated to support energy levels with no added sugars or carbohydrates.
    Retail $120

  • Nutrition

    15 recipes + continuous cooking tips and videos on adding abundance to your meals and utilizing summer-specific ingredients and medicinal herbs.

  • Chinese Medicine Methods

    Tai Chi exercise routine, Acupressure point education, and learn about the relationship of the organs, seasons, and emotions.

  • Online Community

    Meet and interact with other members of the group. Share experiences and stories. Keep up with education and videos.

Dissolve: Doubts in your vision and abilities, irritation, being overly serious, misuse of energy/time, worries of perfection, subconscious fears, feelings of being lost/overwhelmed, being distracted from your goals.

Magnify: Freedom to thrive, trust in your heart, contentment & fun, effortless unfolding, fearless independence, ease in making decisions, protecting the life and people you love.

What will your physical body experience?

It’s like a summer tune-up for your car or home air conditioning system! Everything functions properly when you clear the gunk out of the nutrient absorption systems and energetic pathways within your body.

--> adrenal balance, gut flora restoration, blood nourishment, nervous system relief, restful sleep, energy enhancing, mental clarity, hormone harmony, inflammation reduction

When our body is depleted (overstimulated / stressed), our innate body wisdom says, “Hey, you don’t have enough resources to do anything, just lay down and rest so you can make more blood before you do anything!

When we have a hard time digesting food to absorb nutrients, there are a variety of direct symptoms, like: 

Doubtful emotions, irritability, sadness, restless sleep or no sleep, fatigue, low sexual drive and no umph to achieve our goals! 

The primary benefit of nourishing our stomach/spleen is to get our body to make & integrate more nutrients into the blood and to the heart, so we can get up – and do the things we want to!



A self-arising healing program to dissolve unnecessary habits + optimize your health.

Experience the full effect of the LOTUSWEI and the SAN Center offerings ~ flower essences, herbal tea, Chinese medicine, healing foods & cooking.

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More about Dr. Alan Chang & Chef Justin Booher

Dr. Alan and Chef Justin work together to create simple & fun ways to blend flower essences, wellness practices, and medicinal herbs into our daily lives. When combined, their strengths in Chinese Medicine & Holistic Nutrition compound with Flower Essences to produce highly effective methods to elicit clients' Self-Arising Nature and healing from within.

  • Dr. Alan Chang

    Alan Chang, L.Ac is a second generation acupuncturist, having taken over his father’s practice 20 years ago in California. 

    Alan is gentle & intuitive; he quietly tunes in to what people need, picking up emotional causes behind what’s causing physical symptoms. He can also identify daily lifestyle habits that greatly improve your vitality & wellbeing. Certified in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences, Alan incorporates the bioenergetics of flowers into every single one of his treatments.

    Meet Alan 
  • Chef Justin Booher

    Justin Booher is an Innovative Culinary Chef, infusing food + beverage with bioenergetic flower essences and botanical tinctures.
    He honed the practices of Holistic Nutritional Therapy during his role as Culinary Director of Amor Healing Kitchen where he trained high school teens in the production of home delivered meals for people facing serious health challenges.
    He infuses his creations with LOTUSWEI Flower Essences to enhance mood and accelerate personal transformation, along with Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs to strengthen the body.

    Meet Justin 

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