Welcome to Nourishing Abundance!

In Nourishing Abundance, we’ll talk about the connection between the different systems of the body.

We’ll illuminate new ways of thinking about food & self-care and share simple tweaks you can add to your day to experience more vitality & optimism! 

We will be doing speed journaling during the meetings and Q&A.
Email Chef Justin & Alan with any questions you have,and/or send a message in Mighty Networks!

Week 1 ~ Welcome & Online Activation
Zoom Meeting 7/2 @ 5pm MT~ 8pm EST ~
Welcome to the Nourishing Abundance private group, “How to” videos to start incorporating the wellness tools into your life, intro to the new Awakened Understanding Flower Essence

Week 2 ~ Joy Juice and the Stomach/Small Intestines
Zoom Meeting 7/9 @ 5pm MT~ 8pm EST ~
 bring belly laughter, happiness & enjoyment into everyday life

Week 3 ~ Saguaro Cactus and the Spleen
Zoom Meeting 7/16 @ 5pm MT~ 8pm EST ~
Be a balanced & strong Peaceful Warrior, integrate nourishment into action 

Week 4 ~ Inner Knowing & the Heart
Zoom Meeting 7/23 @ 5pm MT~ 8pm EST ~
How to continue on the path of the heart with expansive creativity

Week 5 ~ Awakened Understanding
Zoom Meeting 8/2 @ 5pm MT~ 8pm EST ~
Integrating your practices into wholeness, be a witness to what arises within


all zoom meetings will be recorded and emailed to participants

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Live Zoom Meeting Recordings & Notes

July 2nd - Be a witness to what's arising within. Intentions and Goals.

Zoom Link here
passcode: 6!ngLOFj


Speed Journal:

What flower do you think of when you think of childhood?

Write down 3 words to describe it.

~ Do these qualities reflect what you know you want more of in your life? Or qualities you know are part of your true nature?

~ What is the meal you want most right now? What would you make for yourself and some of your favorite people?

Be open to the idea that this is the thing that will nourish your body and heart most right now.

What are 3 words you’d use to describe the meal?

What is your intention in joining Nourishing Abundance?

What is your goal for the end of the 5 weeks?

Whatever you have going on, we invite everyone to look at the emotional aspects ~ 

What are you worried about? Is anything weighing on your heart? 

Notice symptoms you’re experiencing & look deeper: is there something you don’t want to look at, or are afraid of?

Be a witness to what’s arising within.

Intro to Mighty Networks - where we can connect and share lots of resources !!

Share a selfie!

Everyone is invited to take a selfie now, and again at the end of the month.

Vulnerability, and a great way to see progress. We would love to see these on our Mighty Networks page!

How to use your flower essences ~ Start using them at least 5x/day

1.  Joy Juice Mist - Spray around your head/crown

2.  Saguaro Flower & Awakened Understanding Elixirs - Add at least 5 drops each to drinks

3.  Inner Knowing Anointing Oil - 1 drop on your wrist, rub in with the other wrist 

*We’ll do more later with acupressure points!

4.  & extra treat: Cherry Cola Herbal Soda - add a full dropper for 8 oz of soda water *plus your Saguaro elixir!!

July 9 - coming soon

Hello Nourishing Abundance Family!Thanks for taking the plunge with us :))  We hope it’s been as refreshing as this river jump!Here is the link for our 2nd Zoom Live recording from last night:


Passcode: =6vUnv3c

We also have this in the Mighty Networks “Course Material” page for you.  Click here to join: https://www.lotusweiinstitute.com/share/ak33sX4Cl2LEPMHl?utm_source=manual

Chef Justin and I would love to hear from you on what would you specifically like to learn during the Live Zoom events: Would you like to learn about certain foods and how to cook them?  Would you like to learn more about Chinese medicine and how to choose lifestyle and foods? -Please send us your top 5 “Would love to hear about…” to us by just replying to this email!And I would like to offer a free 20 min personal Zoom call to everyone in our group, I feel that there have been some questions that may allow me to answer better on a call. And also to give me a chance to get to know everyone and help us shape this course just for you!Please use this link for and chose “Alan Chang” and it will give you choice of times.https://lotuswei.as.me/lotuswei-wholesale-callI would love to hear from you this week :))
Here is last night’s recap:
Exploring routines ~

  1. “One” minute meditation ~ allow whatever comes up, without judgment

*Cindy asked can you please share the phrases used on MN?

  1. Movement: Tai Chi ~ wake up the mind, body and spirit
  2. Start with 33-88 Spinal Twists
  3. Hug a tree - Creating connection between the earth, your body & the sky.

Hold your hands with fingers gently spread and pointed towards each other and move your hands up with the In-Breath and move your hands down with the Out-Breath.

  1. If you are inspired!  Do a full squat with hands close to your body and stand slowly and spread your arms wide like a tree.
  2. Time for a Refreshment - Cherry Cola Float!

2 dropperfuls of cola concentrate for one cup of soda water. Add your flower essences!For a special treat, top with (slightly softened) raw dairy ice cream!

  1. Journal Prompts and Share

I feel free to be playful when…Good sleep + nourishing meals for the day, being in the garden, in water, in nature, when happy! When free of health worries…
What is something you’ve noticed in the last week in your routine/nourishment or otherwise? Difficulty with stillness while eating, need for more living/raw food, satisfaction of having enough protein–how different/much better it feels! inspiration to make summer food with a heat wave, needing to run to comfort food when outside element, noticing pain/discomfort associated with certain foods

More Journal prompts for the week: 

- I find myself worrying about others when…

- How do I bring Joy to others?

  1. Some summer food recommendations:

Fennel, great for digestion, Yogurt, very cooling, Cilantro and mint,
Heartier vegetables: bitter melon - balanced and cooling, Eggplant, Summer squash, cucumber, zucchini
Fermented foodsEasy way to ferment:Use the left-over juice in a fermented bottle and just add shredded beets! Why’s it so good for us?  It helps to bring more good bacteria into our small intestinal system to digest and absorb food.
Raw or cooked veggies, is one better?Fresh is full of nutrients & can be revitalizing, but everyone is different - play around with how raw makes you feel versus cooked…Alan likes a lot of raw veggies when it’s hot to help cool, and less raw when it’s cooler, but it depends on your digestive system and what’s best for you.
Justin is expert on Raw foods and different fun ways to eat them! Reach out to him by email if you want to learn more!Use your Joy Juice constantly! Keep noticing anything that comes up, look out for more fun stuff in Mighty Networks.

July 16 - coming soon

July 23 - coming soon

August 2 - coming soon

  • Prepping Salmon Filets

    Wild Caught Salmon is nutrient powerhouse, a vitamin cabinet of nourishment. Compare it's nutrition to your vitamin cabinet and see! Use this recipe for a week of food prep or for a family meal. Top it off with the ayurvedic seed infused butter/oil to increase its nourishing capacity.

    Prepping Salmon Filets Recipe 
  • Nourishing Mineral Broth

    Mineral Broth is beautiful. Since it is loaded with ingredients from the start, it provides support to every single dish that it is included in.It is like fertilizer for a plant; it helps everything.

    Nourishing Mineral Broth Recipe 
  • Quick and Easy Breakfast Steak with Greens and Dried Fruit. In the video we use flank steak, swiss-chard, and golden raisins; and you can mix and match different ingredients into the recipe like kale and cranberries, or bok choy and goji berries with soy sauce.

    Breakfast Steak Prep Video 
  • Watermelon Rind Pickles

    This is a southern classic I learned to make in Charleston South Carolina. Watermelon Rind Pickles.  They are so refreshing and cooling.  I've added some of the cooling summer herbs and seeds alongside goji berry to amplify the abundance in the pickled rinds.  This process is called quick pickling.  They taste the best after a week of sitting in the refrigerator!  Eat them for two weeks and watch the flavors change with time.  I LOVE putting these on salads.

  • 108 Form Tai Chi

    Alan demonstrates the full 108 form Tai Chi practice.

    watch the video here 
  • Standing Horse

    coming soon!

  • coming soon!

  • Summer & The Stomach

    Foods to add to your summer meals for the stomach!

  • Summer & The Spleen

    Foods to add to your summer meals for the spleen!

    coming week 3

  • Summer & The Heart

    Food to add to your summer meals for the heart.

    coming week 4

Acupressure Points & Flower Essences

Acupressure with Anointing Oils

Heart Protector 6 -- Nei Guan

Use 1-2 drops of Gamechanger or any other anointing oil on this point to help settle emotions and also nausea.   For more physical symptoms like stomach pain, press and hold this point with the anointing oil and feel the pain melt away!

Acupressure with Anointing OIls

San Jiao - Wai Guan

Put 1-2 drops of Gamechanger or another anointing oil on this point, press or rub to activate energy movement to the abdomen and stomach to help with digestion.  Also great if you have gas and bloating.

Acupressure with Anointing Oils

Gallbladder 41 - Zu Lingqqi

Put 1-2 drops of Gamechanger or any other anointing oil on this point to help bile secretion for digestive help.  Also great to press for headaches around the temples and outer orbit of the eyes.  Ease into gentle detoxification.

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Email Q&A's

How do I maintain weight/put on a few pounds while still eating healthily? I love chocolate and carbs :)

AHA!  eating too much chocolate - i'm not sure that is possible :) If you enjoy eating carbohydrates, then begin to look at WHAT carbohydrates you are eating and what you could replace a couple things with. For Example - instead of white potatoes, eat sweet potatoes.  Thave a lower glycemic index and provide longer lasting energy.  They are slower to digest, and are slower to turn into sugars in the body.  White carbohydrates are not the enemy, but in excess they are quickly converted to sugar (higher glycemic index) and can create unbalanced energy throughout the day.  People that eat lots of white carbohydrates may feel full for a little while, and then hungry shortly after.  Some more examples - replace white rice with whole grain rice, black rice, millet, brown rice, etc....replace granola with dried fruit and nuts.  granola is a sneaky sugar spike!  Granola carries the "face" of a healthy alternative, and then it is typically mostly made up of sugar and oats. check the label on granola and some type of sugar will be the largest ingredient.  dried fruit and nuts / trail mix make for a great alternative. Replace chips with popcorn or sweet potato chips and pairing these carbohydrates with good grass fed protein will create the best balance and weight management.  As a system, our bodies thrive on a balanced diet.  The protein and carbohydrates together are digested in tandem at different rates, releasing and absorbing vitamins as a team.  Together their slow release of vitamins, nutrients, and energy will balance our bodies systems.

 “how to use your food chart?" Is there a particular template we should be using? Should we already be setting it up?

On our Nourishing Abundance page, there are links to the How to use your food chart, Templates.  I talk at length about how to use the chart at the end of the 1st Zoom recording.  That is also available on the NA landing page.  I encourage any questions you have about the food chart!  It is a template meant to be filled out over the course of the program, changed at the end, and continued to be used.  It is versatile and personal to your own choices.  What I think is the best diet for myself, may be different from you. Also on the landing page there are the first set of Recipes.  The recipes are sent out weekly.  They are meant to build off of each other so as to learn new cooking techniques, create meal planning habits, and gain confidence in trying new things in the kitchen.  There is also an example of a filled out template to help guide you. One week's recipes will utilize sauces and techniques from the previous week's recipes.  I hope everyone will gain a better understanding of how to continuously keep a kitchen pantry of nourishment and create good habits in kitchen prep.  Gentle and slow, a week at a time we will build and grow ourselves into more nourishing lifestyles instead of a bombardment of new things all at once.At the end, you will look back and see a treasure chest of wealth :)

I'm currently staying at a small space; I don't have a full kitchen (no stove or oven, but I have a toaster oven).  I do have an Instapot. Are there any recipes you would recommend for a slow cooker/Instapot?

Yes I do!  I lived in a warehouse in Charleston where I had a very limited kitchen.  I got very creative with what I had.  With your insta pot, You can think of it like a little oven, as well as a slow cooker.  It is quite versatile.Try this for a very simple recipe to get used to the instapot
-chop up 1 chicken breast into chunks (about the size of a quarter)
-slice a zucchini and a yellow squash
-two tablespoons of oil
-1 teaspoon each of salt and pepper 
-mix everything together in the instapot, making sure to evenly coat the chicken and veggies
-if you have any rosemary, basil, cilantro, or other herbs you can rip them up and add them in too
-click the "sauté" button, change the temperature to medium, and the time to 12 minutes leave the lid off.  The Instapot will read "HOT" when it is to temperature and the time will start.  While it is a pot, it is actually a saute pan now !!
-stir the saute veggies and chicken every couple of minute, and remove it when its finished.  You can use this feature to cook anything like you would in a sauté pan.
Another option is to use the slow cooker for cooking like in an crock pot.  Add 1 potato, 1celery stalk, 1 carrot, 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms, 12-16 oz piece of pork or beef, with seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, onion, etc) and add water until the meat and veggies are almost covered. Slow cook for 2 hours and its ready to go.  You can leave this on in the morning and it will stay warm until later in the day when you are ready to have iit for lunch or dinner.  Here are a couple insta pot videos to get some inpiration!  They are quite fun, easy to clean, and very easy to use.  
saute -https://youtu.be/x-zkEpmZit8?feature=shared
pecan chicken - https://youtu.be/inApXPYfENQ?feature=shared
salmon - https://youtu.be/y669OwFVFOQ?feature=shared

ALSO - your toaster oven may be small, but you can totally use it like a real oven, wrap your meat or veggies in tin foil with all your seasonings and put them in the toaster oven to bake at normal baking temperatures.  Don't put too much and it will come out great like with a real oven.  You can make batches of tea or broth in the Instapot too! 

One of my favorite sauces is honey garlic. Do you have a recipe for these or advice on how I can make it healthier?

for your honey garlic sauce, the first thing that comes to mind is stir fry sauce.  
2 tbsp honey
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp soy sauce (tamari if gluten free)
1 tbsp vinegar (apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar)
1/2 cup broth (beef bone broth, chicken broth, or plain water is ok too)
smash the garlic up and mince it nicely.  Big thumbs up if you smash it in a mortar and pestle :)mix it in with all the ingredients.  You can mix this in a jar and it will keep for up to 5 days also! Sauté all your veggies and/or meat with oil, salt, and pepper.  As soon as it is about done, crank the heat all the way up and pour in 2-3 tbsp of the sauce.  quickly mix everything together and then remove from the pan and put on a plate.  The sauce thickens very quickly so have your plate ready! This sauce is also very very good on salmon.  But it has to be cooked. Follow the baked salmon recipe then warm a small sauté pan and add 2-3 tbsp of the sauce.  As soon as it starts to thicken, and even bubble a little, pour it over the cooked salmon.  I think you will find it is similar to teriyaki sauce :)

I am dairy and gluten free, and I love thick creamy sauces. What would be your recommendation to substitute, reduce or replace my use of coconut cream? How can I still achieve a thick sauce?

Use less coconut cream and add some bone broth/veggie stock/or chicken stock.  To thicken it you can reduce it in the pan on medium high heat (bubbling a little) for a minute or two.  Then throw in the noodles and it will be delicious and silky.

You can also use the cornstarch method.  Mix 1/4 cup broth/water and 1/4 cup coconut cream, add in a tsp of nutritional yeast and a tbsp of cornstarch.  Mix it together well and then pour in a pan to heat up, after about 1 minute in a hot pan it will be ready.  If you continue to cook it , it will get thicker. 

Another dairy free GF option is to use an egg yolk!  Thoroughly Mix one egg yolk with some broth or coconut milk and heat it on low until it is thickened.  Make sure to keep it on low as it will curddle if the temperature is too high.  It is kind of like hollandaise sauce without the butter! You can add spices and sauce in this as well. 

I watched the video with Kate and you making the chocolate elixir. My family and I don't drink alcohol so I was wondering if there was a non alcohol substitute I could use to make the elixir? 

Alcohol is typically used because it is very effective for pulling out and holding/preserving the medicinal qualities of the herbs. You can make the tincture for the elixir with water instead of alcohol.  Think of it as a concentrated tea.  Keep the tincture refrigerated and use it within 5 days. In Chinese medicine, some medicinal herbs are cooked into teas! It is most beneficial to cook them in a clay pot, or stainless steel. Never use aluminum with herbs. Simply put your herbs in water, and warm them to a simmer (dont boil or it will kill the energetics of the herbs). Simmer for an hour or so.  Using a pressure cooker is even better as the medicinal qualities are pushed out of the herbs by the pressure. 

I like to cook one of my weekly meals for myself and for my dog. My goal is for it to be all cooling foods for my pup! How can I make it super appealing/tasty while still keeping all the foods/herbs, etc. cooling foods?

Cooling TCM enhanced pork broth

I make a simple broth of herbs for my dog and then use it to pour over the dog food or meat, and to eat in soups for myself.  Try this out for a cooling broth.
-lotus root
-lotus seed
-fennel seed
-parsley seed
-cumin seed
-celery seed 
-dried longan
-half rack of pork ribs *cut the pork ribs into individual pieces. 

Put all ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil. simmer for 2-3 hours.  Or put all ingredients in a pressure cooker and pressure cook for 4 hours. Strain the ingredients and pull the meat off the pork hock or ribs. Keep some ribs for yourself and smother them in delicious bbq sauce with spices or make a bbq sandwich. Pork is a neutral meat so it is a great vehicle (and disguise for a dog's medicine) for the cooling broth.  So bacon is ok in my book also, as long as the bacon fat/oil is removed.

White fish, duck, and rabbit are more cooling meat alternatives also.  White fish is especially good for dogs as they age.  It adds a lot of omega 3 oils and fatty acids that help with bones and joint issues.  Wild Cod has some of the most readily available vitamins and nutrients due to its nature of being a deep swimming, cold water fish.

Seared Beef Heart is really good for aging dogs also!

I'm bored with my food right now! What Lunch/Snack Ideas do you have for a high protein, calorie deficit diet?

If things are getting boring, here are some things you can do/add to make things a little different.  I (Justin) did a 1 month super high protein diet for weight gain and lowering body fat.  I get it!  These things worked for me.  Eat your biggest meals at breakfast and lunch, and smaller meal at dinner, or an earlier dinner with a late peanut butter and apple snack before bed.

SAUCES and BOLD FLAVOR!!  For Lunch and dinner, add in different sauces with big, bold, different flavors.

I fixed my boredom by noticing I was trying to eat differently without cooking any differently.  I really needed to add some life into it!  I started thinking "What am I missing? What can I add to make this yummy and interesting?" instead of "why is this not so good?"

a couple of examples-

My easiest suggestion to add- buy a couple very different style sauces and using them to marinade or dip your meat in. Spicy sauces can increase your metabolism and make you sweat (free workout haha). Try
- Korean BBQ, Thai Coconut, Japanese Stir Fry, Ponzu sauce, Ginger Curry Paste, Greek Balsamic Vinaigrette (yes vinaigrettes work amazing as marinades and dipping sauces for meat, not just salads).  Check the ingredients and make sure they do not have an abundance of sugar.  

Oven baked shrimp with pineapple, onion, red peppers, cilantro, and basil - toss everything in oil and Jamaican jerk seasoning, vigorously rub the seasoning and oil into the ingredients with your hands- make sure its coated nice and evenly.  In a oven bake dish, bake at 375 for 20 minutes, check to see if it is done.  Finish with salt and fresh lemon to taste.  

When meat and veggies are warm and moist it makes them easier to digest, and easier to eat more of if you are shooting for higher protein.
Change up your the way you cook your veggies and meat such as cooking your meats into soups. Pork rib soup makes the most tender pull of the bone ribs! No need for hours of slow cooking, 35 minutes cooking in simmering water and they are done. Keep some of the ribs for lunch the next day with BBQ sauce and sauteed Cabbage with bean sprouts. The broth makes an excellent soup broth for other dishes too.
**Bak kut teh - pork rib tea soup (spice pack https://a.co/d/evPlvJD)
here is a good recipe for it in a hokkien Singapore style

Hainanese Chicken https://www.seriouseats.com/hainanese-chicken-rice-set-recipe
whole chicken cooked in a pot of water! for this recipe, you can just look at how the chicken is cooked for the technique and seasoning, or go for the whole thing with the sauces and all. I made Hainanese chicken rice 15 Saturdays in a row so I could dial in how to cook meat in a pot of water and get the sauces correct for the ingredients available where I am at. The techniques I learned I use in all kinds of recipes now!

The excess chicken can be turned into bright citrusy chicken salad for a chicken wrap. https://joyfoodsunshine.com/avocado-chicken-salad-no-mayo/

For low calorie, high protein wrap, use an egg wrap instead of flour.  You can get these at a health foods store.

For snacks, the date and nut power green balls and the chia pudding are great.  They will help your body with having long winded energy for burning fat throughout the day, and for muscle recovery from workouts.  The chia pudding will help clear your gut and reduce inflammation.  Add chocolate to both to make them different!

A breakfast/lunch casserole of egg, chickpea, and chicken is an awesome protein rich meal also. Once you eat some for breakfast, make a wrap out of it with cranberries, fresh herbs, greens with a creamy sauce for lunch.
https://littlespicejar.com/veggie-loaded-breakfast-casserole/ add chopped chicken for the added protein.

And for rice, I cut rice out of my diet to lessen my caloric intake. I ate some other grains like wheatberries, farro, and barley. I also added lots of mung beans.

AND LAST- my favorite snack during my high protein low calorie

baked sweet potato *loaded but not how you think!
stab a sweet potato with a fork 10 times, wrap it in tin foil and bake at 400 for 15 minutes. Take it out and cut it about half way down so you can spread it apart. put a couple pieces of bacon or some ground beef inside, salt, pepper, olive oil, and chopped garlic. Wrap it back up and continue to bake for 15 more minutes or until it is soft. Fry an egg, take out the baked sweet potato and top it with the fried egg. Pour the juices from the tin foil on top. YUM. Kind of a funny thing, but it really worked for me to be able to eat a lot at once without it being too dry and heavy. 

Instructions to the Cook, by 13th Century Zen Master, Dogen

This is my favorite writing on "how to cook."
In essence, instructions to the cook, are also, instructions for life. How we do one thing is how we do everything. So cook well!

Bonus Movie of Dogen's Life
Zen - The Life of Zen Master Dogen

Tenzo Kyukun - Instructions to the Cook

Rose Amazake with Divine Within Flower Elixir

Bitter Gourd with Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Wei of Chocolate Aphrodisiac with Open Heart Flower Elixir