Have you ever felt like something needed to be puuuulled out of you? Like you have a knotted muscle or a feeling of distension that you just want r e l e a s e d? Or ...

Do you feel blocked?
Would you like to feel more free in your body?
Does your immune system need a little support?
Do you feel tightness or tension in your neck, shoulders + back?

If any of these apply, then Cupping Therapy might be exactly what you need. Cupping removes blockages, increases blood flow, moves the lymph, relaxes the myofascial tissue, improves your immune system, speeds recovery from illness + post surgery, enhances scar tissue flexibility + helps lung decongestion. It helps the body fight asthma, anxiety, menstrual imbalances, muscle soreness + tenderness, sore throat/coughs + gastro-intestinal disorders. It even supports mothers during the lactation process.

Are you saying “wow! what ...” yet?

Yes, cupping is a very powerful healing technique. It looks like there is some sort of magic trick happening in these photos, but what is actually happening, is this:

We insert an inflamed cotton ball inside a glass cup to burn out the oxygen, pull it out, and then quickly place the cup on the skin. Alternatively, we can use a plastic cup: the cup is placed on the back and a pump is used to suck out the air. Both are effective methods. I personally like using the glass cups on adults and plastic cups on children.

Thousands of years ago when they invented this therapy, they used horns + bamboo! How cool is that?! This is rarely the case anymore today. But maybe we should bring it back ... ;)

There are different techniques used for different problems:

  • Stationary cupping means leaving the cups in one place for up to 10 minutes. This is deeply relaxing. It brings blood to the area, and will unblock deeper stagnations.
  • Sliding cupping ranges from light to a deeper release. Oil is placed on the skin and the cup is applied and moved around to release the blockages. It relaxes myofascial tissue, and really ramp up circulation. I usually apply Wild Abundance Serum by LOTUSWEI as my lubricant for sliding cupping. I mix other anointing oils in to help unfold the layers that have built up over time. Each oil is specifically picked based on what you need and what balances your pulses.
  • Flash cupping is a quick on and off therapy that is used to stimulate the lymph and help expel viruses.

What questions do you have about cupping? Let me know and I will answer them in the comments below!

If you're ready to jump in + give it a try and let me play with fire, then come see me at the SAN Center ~ book a Cupping Therapy session here.

Love + flaming cotton balls,

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