As women, our pelvic areas are some of the most important + delicate parts of our bodies (and you know, not just because they are home to our great hips and wonderful b***).

So, WTH is a pelvic bowl?!

The pelvic bowl is surrounded by your pelvis and includes the pelvic floor muscles, organs, bones + energy of the space. It’s where a woman stores her family lineage, her creativity + her strength.

A woman who is connected with this space is grounded + profoundly knows herself. She has clear boundaries, enjoys creative pleasures, knows her own individual expression as a woman + has done healing work that has rippled across the family line.

One of my favorite ways to get my clients to connect with this divine area in their body + catalyze healing is through meditation + visualization. I will guide women down to their pelvic bowl + teach them about the energies that are present.

Imagine your pelvic bowl right now …

Notice where it is ... how it feels ... and all the sensations associated with it. Does it trigger any memory?

Now put your awareness on your uterus - what does that feel like?

Make your way to the fallopian tubes. What emotions do you associate with this area of the pelvic region?

Now the bones - the structure that holds it all in place so beautifully. Does it feel supportive?

If all of this sounds wild, then keep doing it ~ you’re doing it right! By just merely putting your attention or awareness on these parts of your body, you can experience what is really happening there. Women who receive pelvic floor work feel more grounded + relaxed and regularly doing the pelvic bowl meditation will change your life. I’ve seen women manifest their perfect job, become closer with their partner, get pregnant, let go of trauma, heal family lineage, and take back their power by reconnecting with their pelvic bowl. It’s really a very powerful technique which I couldn’t recommend enough.

A healthy pelvic region will also help prevent physical symptoms like: urine and bowel leakages, fertility challenges, pelvic, back, neck, shoulder pain AND jaw pain, sciatica, pain during sex and lack of orgasms, organ prolapse, painful and irregular periods, periods, urine retention, feeling of disconnect, difficult labor, baby positioning during pregnancy, vaginal shrinkage after chemo, vaginal dryness + myofascial pain syndrome.


I am leading a Pelvic Care Meditation on Tuesday, July 30th from 9 - 10:15am inside the Flowerlounge! I will share more on this topic + lead you through a visualization meditation to navigate you through your female landscape + balance the energies of your pelvic organs. This offering is totally free, but seating is limited ~ so reserve your seat here!

Feel like your Pelvis could use some love right now?

Here are a few of my favorite rituals:

As a regular self-care practice, I recommend using Radiant Energy or Infinite Love serum. Rub it over your lower abdomen + set the intention of clearing negative energy from within, and fill it back up with love.

The Full Moon is a great time to take a Moon Magic Bath. Imagine that the water draining from the tub is taking away anything that needs to be cleared from your pelvic bowl.

The New Moon is a perfect time to do a Smoke Offering Ceremony or burn Sacred Palo Santo, connect with each ovary, and plant seeds of intention for the month.

Reconnect, clear + bloom!

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