a monthly smoke offering connection


*JUNE 20TH @ 12pm ET | 11am CT | 9am PT

*Zoom link will be sent via email before ceremony. Start time subject to change based on geographical location of members!

  • If you are burning herbs of your own to offer:

    You can make your own offering of smoke with herbs that are sacred to you. Do not to touch them with your hands before you burn them & don’t smell them (it’s kind of like taking a bite out of your friend's birthday cake before they blow out the candles). 

  • Let whatever arises, arise with compassion:

    You might feel totally comfortable & groovy. You might feel sleepy & lay down. You might feel uncomfortable, impatient or irritated. You might burp, sneeze, snore, yawn.

    No matter what you experience (& it's different every time), it is one of the most beneficial things you can engage in this decade.

  • Turn up the volume:

    If you can, let the practice play out loud rather than listening with your headphones.

    Let the sound vibration of the practice permeate your space to make unseen forces happy & clear out any disruptive energies.

  • What to do when it's over:

    We always try to remain silent for as long as possible after doing this practice. We will finish the practice, say thank you, and quietly close Zoom.

    We invite everyone to do the same. It’s a noisy planet ~ silence is powerful.

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As the herbs burn, visualize the elegant wisps of smoke transforming into beautiful offerings, fulfilling all wishes of all beings, carried into the world and manifesting through unseen forces of nature.

You can offer: flowers, gemstones, stars, moons, mountains, perfumed waters to bathe in, delicious flower elixir-infused beverages, fruits, yummy food, music, scents, candles – anything you want! Anything that you behold as special, sacred or beautiful is of immense benefit.

All the various beings that you can offer to may include:
teachers, compassionate beings, wisdom holders, protectors & guardians, family, friends, loved ones and ones who create obstacles.

Mark your calendars!

Each ceremony will land on the Thursday closest to the full moon.

2024 dates as follows:
June 20
July 18
August 22
September 19
October 17
November 14
December 19

*Time: 12pm ET | 11am CT | 9am PT

*Subject to change based on geographical location of members.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it important that I attend the live ceremonies?

It is totally optional to show up to the live ceremonies via Zoom ~ although we'd LOVE to see your face there!

When we do the smoke offering, we're doing the practice and making offerings on YOUR behalf. So whether you are sitting quietly on the other side of the computer screen, or busy with other commitments, you will receive the benefit.

If I can't attend live, will you send a recording?

Due the intimacy of the ceremony, we do not record them. If you can't make it live, your presence is felt & we will make offerings on your behalf.

If I want to also make a smoke offering during the ceremony, what precious herbs do you recommend?

You can burn any herbs or plants that are precious to you.

We love burning: Cedar, dried Rose petals or powder, Cinnamon, Mugwort, Agarwood, Palo Santo, Benzoin Gum powder, Juniper, Pine & Orris Root powder.

You can find almost of the aforementioned herbs at mountainroseherbs.com.

*If there is a particularly negative energy you want to clear, you can add a tiny, tiny dash of cayenne pepper powder to the herbs you're burning. If you do this, you MUST put your smoke offering outside (or else you will cough like crazy)!

Will I be able to have input into what the Smoke Offering is dedicated to each month?

100%! Before every Smoke Offering, we will send out a quick form for you to fill out to jot down your dedications. We will read them aloud before the ceremony (if you wish), so everyone in attendance is aware of what their heartfelt presence is contributing to.

This is optional, and you may choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

Can I contribute more to amplify the impact of my dedication?

Yes! Donations are a form of energetic exchange. This exchange magnifies your personal energy and power behind the intentions you're making, which in turn magnifies its reception and transmission.

Additionally, as the Golden Aura contributions are given in their entirety to a Master-practitioner in the lineage of this practice, your personal contributions are an expression & development of generosity, one of the underlying foundations of spiritual attainment.