May 25, 2019

ZODIAC on Friday night was sooo fun! Astrological Counselor of the San Center, Juliana Bishop, shot us into space with an overview of all the little symbols, sections + slices you can find on your natal chart - and why it makes us special. So many ah-ha's and ooohhh's during the night - and it was only an overview!

And Brandi, F+B director, had us over the moon when she served her cosmic-inspired mocktail + dessert set: a creamy coconut vanilla panacotta + a tropical mango coulis served on a sparkly slice of moonshine, with a guava jam + jasmine tea sparkler ... all topped with juicy starfruit + aromatic night-blooming jasmine flowers!

Keep an eye out for our next event: SOLSTICE on June 22!

Love + moonshine,

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