Is your cycle being a real pain in the ... uterus?

If you dread one week every month because of PMS or your period >> keep reading.

If you’ve considered using (or currently do use) a form of hormonal birth control to ease your excruciating symptoms >> keep reading.

Your period is an important indication for how your body is functioning and your overall health. I treat so many women who hate their periods or can’t wait for menopause (seriously!). At the root of these feelings is typically shame, a history of abuse, or subconsciously having a problem with being a woman. I get that too. Being a woman can feel confusing and daunting in a world that seems to value masculine over feminine qualities.

As a teenager, the start of your period is something special. It’s the new and abundant phase of your life. Your creative energy has the power to show up in the world like never before. But we aren’t taught this. We’re taught that this is something to hide, something shameful, and that we should not talk about it openly. We’re taught that we have to act like ladies: quiet, content and always impeccable. 

Physically: our body is building a nice little nest for our potential baby to grow in. When pregnancy doesn’t happen, it lets this nest go and works on preparing a new one.

Energetically: we are creating our life and when it sheds, we're releasing that creation out into the world.

Yes. Let that sink in for a bit. Each new cycle, women are creating a new life. It either becomes a baby or another form of creation (more spiritual), and which emulates the person you have been during that cycle. It’s a little freaky if you haven’t been mindful of this. But it is also very empowering when you start cycling with intention.

At the beginning of your periods, ask yourself: 

Who do I want to be this month?
What do I want to create?
Which type of relationship with myself do I want to nurture?

There are so many different reasons to have physical symptoms, and a lot of them are based on energetic/emotional imbalances happening in the body.

They usually start with an issue in our Liver Qi. This is responsible for *free flow of energy* in all aspects of the body - repressed emotions, anger, and frustration will prevent the Liver Qi from flowing smoothly.

This might start out as PMS symptoms, moodiness, maybe some cramping, problems with reaching climax, or painful sex. But the longer those emotions stay stuck, the more your symptoms start to scream for your attention. They’re just messengers after all. You may get horrible cramps, clots, heavy flow, light flow, nausea, vomiting, headaches, migraines, cysts, fibroid, chills and fever, a heavy sense of deep sadness, and even fertility challenges.

Some of the subconscious emotions that are affecting your period might not even be yours! Some deep, unresolved traumas get stored as cellular memories and be past down from generation to generation. You, lucky lady, might be the one that gets to heal the family line. If you’re here + still reading this, I'm guessing you’re ok with that and ready to take it on.

To start addressing the core emotions for your menstrual health, you can use LOTUSWEI's Radiant EnergyInfinite Love flower essence blends. Any form you choose is fine but I usually recommend using both serums to apply directly over your uterus. This helps you to connect to this part of your body in a positive way. You can add heat at this time to increase your circulation which helps the products absorb better too!

To address your symptoms and help work through deep, core emotions, seeking acupunctureherbs is a great place to start. Plus it eases your suffering. You don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to go on pharmaceuticals or birth control to get your life back.

The SAN Center has a wonderful Menstrual Health Program to support your health and happiness journey. Come visit us and let's see what we can do for you!

Happy thoughts, 

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