Here in Phoenix, when it starts to feel like we’re baking in an oven, we know Fire Season is here. If you’ve ever heard that Phoenix gets so hot that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk - it’s true.

Fire is the element of Summer. It’s all about JOY and tends to be the “teenager” of the elements. You may take more risks, go on more adventures, have a change in your intimacy (summer fling anyone?), and feel the desire to express yourself in a more authentic way. It’s the perfect time of year to try new things, meet new people (not just romantically) + spice things up!

It’s also the season of abundance! The sun is hanging out with us longer and it is at the highest point of Yang energy of the whole year. This should mean we have more energy to get things done - and even though we’re more active, our food intake tends to be lighter.

If your Fire element is out of balance, you may have blocks to joy, laughter, love + enthusiasm. If you experience high stress, sadness, bad circulation, over-heating, pain associated with heat, lack of sleep, pain in the chest or pinky side of the hand/arm, trouble speaking or issues with your tongue, then you may have a Fire imbalance. The longer these issues are around, the more it blocks your other elements from maintaining balance.

Your balance in Fire season will set you up for your health and balance in the following season: Metal. If you tend to have trouble in the Fall with your immune system, lungs, or your large intestine, then it’s important to balance your Fire so you’ll have a smooth transition this fall. Come see me if this is you. ; )

You can actively support your Fire element by adding these cooling foods to your diet: fruits, vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery, turnips, watercress, sprouts, dandelion leaf, seaweeds, spinach, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, kidney beans, tofu, mung beans, tempeh, clams, fish, oysters, and oysters. Fire season teas are peppermint, chrysanthemum, dandelion + elderflower. Other drinks that are helpful are coconut milk and loooots of water with added fruit, mint or cucumber.

Curious to know more? We’re hosting an afternoon event on June 22nd SOLSTICE :: a summer celebration to nurture your inner elements! Discover what the elemental change in season means, explore the magical support of flowers + enjoy a summer food workshop! We’re only offering a few more tickets to keep the event small + intimate ~ get tickets here before they sell out!

Hope to see you there! And if you’re not in Phoenix, let me know any questions you may have about Fire Season in the comments below!

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