You’ve been doing all the things; coming in for regular treatments, using your herbs, using your flower essences, working on intentions, eating healthy + feeling great.

But all of a sudden, something shifts. You’re starting to feel nervous. Old thought patterns start yelling inside your head, demanding your attention, trying to move you back into the place you’ve worked so hard to come out of.


This is the healing hump.

You’ve climbed to what you thought was the top of your pattern-breaking mountain … only to see another peak. While this peak looks intimidating, it’s the last little hump before real, lasting change takes place. And your brain is terrified.

Your brain has many jobs, but the big one is to keep you safe. Since change is scary, the body sometimes perceive it as unsafe territory. The brain doesn’t know what to anticipate, so it sends out messages of fear, nervousness, anxiety + uncertainty.

This can put you into freeze mode.

You’re confused because everything has gone so well but now you feel so bad. It is here you need to make a choice. Will you continue to climb up over the hump? Or will you go back down + back into your old patterns?

Truth is ... continuing to climb is your only option.

Of course, you can tell yourself that you have already worked hard enough, that self-acceptance was the most important lesson along the way and that things are “good enough” for now.

Why keep working?
Why maintain the discipline + the struggle?

I completely understand that breaking a pattern is scary and your brain is amazing at keeping you safe, but if you don’t continue to climb, the old pattern will just come back stronger than ever.

Think back to what got you here in the first place ...

You were likely having health issues, relationship issues, emotional stress + more. So you started putting in the work because the pain was intolerable + you needed a solution. Now things are better and things appear to be under control. The perspective of continuously putting yourself under some degree of discipline (dietary observation, meditation, financial investment, appointments, etc) doesn’t seem so appealing anymore because pain isn’t there to directly push you anymore.

But if you decide to stop now, you are basically letting a destructive pattern win the battle; you’re teaching yourself that unless there is direct pain in your life, you can’t grow. Talk about being trapped in suffering + self-sabotage ... 

To get over the healing hump, you have to push through all these signals you’re receiving. You’ll have to constantly tell your brain that all is well, you are safe + you’re doing the right thing. You are growing bigger than ever imagined because you are so much more than you think you are.

Focus on the outcome.

You’re instilling a new pattern + writing a new storyline to identify with.

You have the chance to write the story you want.

Make it grand.

Cheers to blasting into a bigger + better version of you!

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