One of my family members had a severe health issue early on during our time in Singapore so I had to find a Traditional Chinese Doctor who could see us *immediately* - same day! Because it was so urgent, we couldn’t wait for any appointment times; we just had to walk in.

We got really lucky. We were staying in Toa Payoh at the time, and we just went to the nearest TCM clinic & we won the lottery. We found an incredible TCM Doctor, Dr. Li. She sees patients at several clinics around Singapore & we later went all the way to Clementi to see her again.

Super gentle, in tune, observant & skilled, she handled not only our emergency swiftly, but cured all the rest of us in the meantime of all our other issues over the last few weeks.

She asks questions, looks intently at you, really listens, feels both pulses, checks your tongue & away you go with 7 days of customized herbal powders to add to hot water & drink 2x/day.

I’ve heard many people here say that Chinese medicine works, but really slowly. I disagree. I’ve seen it work almost immediately, with tremendous benefits that unfold over time. If a chronic issue that’s been lingering for 3 years is almost gone in 3 weeks, that’s pretty fast! And not just one of us experienced that, but all of us of us traveling together experienced that level of transformation.

Each week we’d ask for the list of herbs in each of our formulas, use google translator to get them in English, send them to our TCM herbalist Juliana Bishop here at the SAN Center to help understand what herbs we were taking. #thankyoujuliana

Last week Dr. Li recommended acupuncture, guasha & cupping for me, so I got to see how she does it, and how it’s different/similar to what Kiya Hunter does at home here at the SAN Center!

Every day I fall more in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I feel so lucky to have incredible practitioners like Kiya & Juliana on our team at home, and so blessed to find an incredibly talented doctor here in Singapore.

We’ve given Dr. Li’s contact info to over 10 people in Singapore, because she’s that good. I know it can be hard to find good TCM practitioners so I love sharing when I’ve discovered the real deal. She’s it. ♥️

Love from Singapore, 

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