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Summer is getting into full swing here in Phoenix. Here are my simple tips for staying healthy through the summer and maintaining the energy to do all the things you love:

First, drink plenty of water.

I know you’ve heard this before but, how much is plenty??

A good rule of thumb is to drink ½ of your body weight in fluid oz. For example, I weigh 180 lbs, half of that is 90 lbs. So I drink 90 oz of water each day. But that’s if the outside temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that it’s pushing 100 degrees here and getting hotter, I add 10 oz for every 10 degrees, so at 95 degrees, I drink 110 fluid oz of water each day.

The best for our bodies is spring water, because it has mineral components and a balanced pH. With purified water, I often add LMNT electrolytes to help prevent heat stroke and cramping, especially during the hot summer months! (I use them all year round; my favorite flavor is Mango Chili, yum!!!)

Psst ~ don't forget to super-charge your water bottles with flower elixirs, too!

Second, find playful ways to exercise.

Swimming is a great way to keep cool, hydrate through your skin, and exercise without high impact on your joints. And you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer! You can be like me – use a floaty push board, and just kick!

I’m really good at swimming underwater … which also means I sink to the bottom, help!!

I recommend swimming in saltwater pools, if possible, because although they still contain chlorine, it’s derived from bromine–which is much better for your skin and body than straight chlorine.

I remember back in high school in the ‘80’s, all the kids on the swim team with bleached blonde hair would quickly see it turn green from the chlorine … funny to see, but certainly evidence of an unfriendly chemical!

If you’re local to the valley, here’s a saltwater pool in Scottsdale that offers purchase of a monthly or yearly pass!

Third, take time to care for yourself, like you would your loved ones.

If you’re anything like me, you might do anything to help and support those you love, and often forget to help and support yourself! But in order to truly help others, you need to mind your own well-being first. You can’t forget how important it is to love and nourish yourself.

Pay attention to the foods you eat – how often and in what environment? Are you relaxed, or just stuffing food down on the run? How do you feel from consuming certain foods – does anything make you feel bright & energized, or low and depleted?

Be conscious of your down time – when you’re ‘still’ physically, is your mind still, too? Do you feel at ease, and if not, what can you do to find more ease?

Are you using our flower essences 5x/day for support? ; )

It is a great time to reflect on these areas. A beautiful full moon just passed and the Summer Solstice is coming up in a month! The sun will begin its return cycle, moving back southward in its daily arc across the brilliant blue sky!

I would love to see you at the SAN Center this season to share a cup of Wisdom Nectar tea, some healthy Wei of Chocolate, and Flower Essences with Acupuncture!

Come & treat yourself - you deserve it!!

In health,

P.S. Find me here to schedule an Acupuncture session! If you want to see a real turnaround in your health & happiness in the next 2-3 months, book a package of 10 sessions here.

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