July 30, 2019

Would you like to drink a yummy and medicinal tea that helps boost your metabolism, heals your heart + keeps you cool during the summer? (Yes, all that is possible in one drink!) Then grab yourself some Hibiscus tea!

This beautiful red tea has been traditionally used in many different parts of the globe for its color, flavor, and health properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hibiscus or Méi Gui Qié falls under the “coughing and wheezing” category. This means it relieves cough, clears mucus, and is also a diuretic + helps digestion.

Science has shown that regular consumption of Hibiscus tea may: lower blood pressure, has antiviral properties, helps circulation, reduces fluid retention, dissolves phlegm, is a gentle laxative, is high in Vitamin C, helps with weight loss, reduces inflammation, helps sooth stomach irritation, helps with cholesterol, has antioxidants, helps nourish your microbiome, can help with kidney stone prevention, has antimicrobial properties and helps reduce stress! Promising studies are even showing that this miracle tea slows the growth of cancer cells!

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, the Hibiscus tea nourishes the Kidneys - which helps with the urinary + reproductive systems. It is categorized as “sour” - so it stimulates digestion. Hibiscus is also ‘cool’ in nature which relieves symptoms of heat and helps balance out heavy sweating.

In the summer, Hibiscus tea should be enjoyed at room temperature. Drinking iced drinks slows down your digestion and the big temperature contrast can cause little blood vessels in your chest to burst leading to sharp chest pain that cannot be diagnosed. Hibiscus tea is also a good way of adding electrolytes to your water + improve hydration.

I recommend adding either Joy Juice or Wild Abundance elixirs to your cup. Both of these blends primarily affect the Heart which is the lead organ during the summer time and is sensitive to the heat. The Kidneys and Heart have a very special relationship. The Kidneys help ground the Heart and keep it cool during these hot summer months.

Do you drink Hibiscus tea? What is your favorite elixir to add to you tea? What other ways do you use to keep cool during these hot summer months?

Let us know! To figure out what herbal tea you should be drinking regularly, come meet us at the wellness center at the SAN Center to discover which will be most beneficial to your health.

Love + hibiscus tea,

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