I am currently in Taipei, Taiwan and one of the things I love most about traveling in Asia is you see SO many Chinese Medicine shops + can smell the Chinese herbs cooking on the streets! A stark difference when you compare it to the U.S., where you see a pharmacy on almost every corner!

I am sooo incredibly grateful that we have TWO highly skilled Chinese Medicine practitioners at our wellness center - Acupuncturist Kiya Hunter and Chinese Herbalist + Astrologer Juliana Bishop!



Juliana makes Chinese remedies just like these pots that are boiling, except she makes them into tinctures so they’re as easy to take as flower elixirs! I’ve been taking mine with me on my travels, to keep me physically balanced.

If you’re intrigued but can’t make it to Phoenix, she does virtual consultations through Zoom! Learn more here!

Love from Taipei,

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