May 26, 2019

I’ve always found it strange that people say Happy Memorial Day. Yes, I am happy to have my freedom, but I don’t think a day to honor those who have died for me is necessarily “happy”. For those who served and made it back without their fallen brothers or sisters, and the families of those who lost their loved one, this isn’t a “happy” day. It’s a reminder that they are here, and their fallen comrades are not.

Not only that, but at least 22 military veterans have committed suicide at VA centers over the past 18 months, and around 20 are killing themselves per day. Furthermore, they have stopped 223 threats of suicides at VA sites in a span of 13 months. Our veterans have sacrificed their time, health + lives to serve our country, and yet, they are coming home to inadequate medical care + a lack of support.

Acupuncture can provide extraordinary relief for Veterans - physically + mentally.

  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches + migraines
  • Post-operative pain
  • Joint pain, arthritis + tendonitis
  • Asthma
  • PTSD + trauma
  • Severe stress
  • Drug addiction
  • Insomnia + nightmares

Having worked with many Veterans, I’ve seen firsthand the tremendous healing potential of acupuncture. They experience better sleep, improved memory + mental clarity, less irritability + stress and an overall boost to their quality of life.

I also have experience with a specific method called Battlefield Acupuncture - a form of auricular therapy using needles or seeds that stay in the ear for several days. It provides relief within minutes - and does so without a medical prescription!

We have this holiday as a reminder to honor complete strangers who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country - enjoy your long weekend with gratitude.

Happy thoughts,

P.S. Wondering how else you can support our Veterans? Here are a few organizations that offer services to Veterans you can donate time or money to: Disabled American Veterans,Wounded Warrior Project, and Homes For Our Troops.

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