Our bodies are SO beautifully designed. We have different microcosmos (aka small universes) that reflect the health of our entire body. Amazing isn’t it? One of these reflections is on the ear. By simply looking at your ear, I can get a good picture of how your overall body is doing + support it :-)

This is called Auricular Therapy.

It can be used alone for treatment of your entire body. There is evidence that this system has been around since the Stone Age and made its way all throughout different cultures. Stones, bones, bamboo, metal + heat were applied to treat the body through the ear.

When you come in for a treatment, I will look in your ear as a part of your Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis to get a glimpse of what is going on in your body. I am looking for different colors, blood vessels, raised or sunken areas, dry or oily areas, hot + cold locations, lumps, puffiness, spots, stiffness, and differences between the areas in the ear on each side. Each of these symptoms indicates something is going on in the body that needs to be addressed.

You could benefit from auricular therapy if you have: asthma, allergies, stress, pain, digestive problems, fertility challenges, problems with the sense organs, TMJ, high blood pressure, weight loss support, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, congestion, menstrual irregularities, addiction, cardiac conditions, or to support the hope of preventing family history of disease from manifesting.

Ear seeds are great for those who don’t like needles, both in addition to your regular acupuncture treatment between sessions, and as a complete treatment in itself.

The seeds I use are made out of 24 kt gold and are placed on the ear + kept in place by a transparent sticker. They generally stay for a few weeks. The pressure from the seed stimulates that area and causes healing. For an extra boost, it’s helpful to rub the seed multiple times a day for a stronger effect. All the girls at the office love having them in and actually get compliments on how beautiful they make the ears look!

Curious what your ears say about you?

Come meet me at the SAN Center + let’s take a look!

Happy thoughts,

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