We had a full house last Friday for our ANTIDOTE event with acupuncturist Kiya Hunter! This is the first event that we have ever sold out of ... and that feeling is so exciting ~ especially when it is in our hometown!

Upon arrival, every person handed over their wrists + stuck their tongues at Kiya ... for tongue + pulse readings of course. 😜

Based on the reading, Kiya would tell them which element they needed a little bit of love from: wood, water, earth, fire or metal. In the #Flowerlounge event space, each person would then find the table assigned to their element + spend the evening surrounded by people with the same ‘diagnosis’.

Along with a gorgeous platter of yummy food from our food genius Brandi, each table was served an element-balancing herbal liquor + a set of questions that everyone would take turns answering together.

The evening ended with a eye-opening Q+A with Kiya and a whole lot of lightbulb/a-ha/holy crap moments! 💗

So excited to create more multi-sensory experiences like this and share more about what we’re rolling out in our new healing space!

Love + flower petals,

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