Our evening of ALCHEMY was exactly that ~ on every level. From the magical reactions in the drinks, to the alchemical + raw conversations that took place among complete strangers. 

We ate sweet dew from orchids.
We lit limes on blue fire with matcha syrup, ginger kombucha, fresh mint.
We sipped on sacred cider with palo santo smoke, bitters + cinnamon.
We watched natural chemical reactions of blue flowers + grapefruit rose nectar. 
Add to all this the secret alchemy of transformative flower elixirs, wakefulness practices + deep, meaningful conversations … and the night turned into magic.

Scroll to see some of our favorite photos from the night by Taylor + Tessa! 

Our next event will be Friday, February 15th, with truth serums & truth-telling potions! We'll be hosting Tomas Stanton of Phoenetic Spit, for a writing + spoken word workshop! Join us for 'SPEAKEASY' at the Center for Awakening ~ click here for tickets!

Hope to see you soon!

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