How does sticking tiny (seriously these needles are smaller than anything you’ve seen at your doctor’s office) needles into your skin catalyze your body to heal itself? As mysterious as it seems, acupuncture is not magic - but the results can be phenomenal, nonetheless.

The small picture:

Remember those cool little things called atoms ~ the building blocks of our entire universe? Although we can’t see it, atoms are continuously reacting to each other. When an acupuncture needle is inserted into the body, it causes the electrons of our atoms to react on the myofascial plane. Our myofascial tissue is the glue of the body; it’s one big piece of connective tissue that is present at the cellular level and connects everything in our body - cells, muscles, bones, organs, skin, everything!

When you think in terms of cause + effect ...

CAUSE: we get poked by little needles, causing the electrons of our atoms to react,

EFFECT: we fine-tune our body back into balance!

The big picture:

Think about the last time you got a cut or scrape. Your body probably got the alarm signal that there was damage and repaired itself because it is a brilliant designed machine that can self-heal.

But with our busy + stressful lifestyles, we don’t always give our bodies the best building blocks or down time it needs to deeply heal. Our body does the smartest thing and conserves the energy it does have and only does enough to keep us going - which results in half healed issues that get filed in our systems to deal with later.

This is where acupuncture flies in like Captain Marvel.

Acupuncture, on a macro level, causes a micro-trauma to the body. The body’s healing mechanisms get stimulated by the tiny needle, and your nervous, circulatory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems get a gentle jolt that creates an increase in healing potential. And ta-da ~ you start feeling better!

Because the needles stimulate your body’s innate healing response, it can treat a WIDE variety of ailments: chronic problems, autoimmune support, pain, non-medical emergency injuries or to increase healing time from injuries/surgeries, mental/emotional support, fertility, colds, flus, viral ear infections, labor preparation, to calm the mind, to get grounded and reconnect with yourself, and a lot more. If you are experiencing an emergency situation such as an accident, it’s not appropriate to seek acupuncture treatment at that time.

Here’s what some of my clients are saying about their acupuncture sessions at the SAN Center:

"Since my treatment with Kiya, I am not scared of needles anymore! She has the most intuitive + gentle touch with needles, and released all of my tension."
Marissa Hou | NYC

"I have seen Kiya twice. I cannot believe how amazing I feel! My husband even noticed and said, “you sound like you feel good”!!! Cheers to finding some relief, and to continued self-care!
Jesse | AZ

"I would like to call Kiya a healer because that's what she really is. The truth is, you walk in through the door and she takes care of you. She cares about making you better. I have come in with a list of things, and her magical hands do the rest. I have gotten acupuncture, Gua Sha, and cupping done. As someone who is new to holistic healing, I wouldn't go back unless I really felt her work help me dramatically. If you are on the fence about alternative healing, I can truly say Kiya is the one to make you believe in the beautiful thing that is Chinese Medicine."
Lina | AZ

"I have been seeing Kiya for a few years now. She has taken me from a major allergy sufferer to someone with an occasional runny nose. Her cupping, acupuncture and myofascial release techniques are the best I’ve ever had. Today I went it to see Kiya for a stomach problem and neck pain. She immediately put some needles in and within minutes I was feeling better. I felt like I could barely function when I walked into her office, and just moments later I felt like a capable human again. Kiya is a treasure and if you are lucky enough to be treated by her, you know what a gift to yourself that is. She’s healed my body in ways I didn’t know possible and I completely trust her with any and every health issue."
Jacqueline | AZ

"Kiya has helped me for a variety of things from stress to sports injuries and back pain. She has helped my god children from the time they were born with colds, allergies, teething, etc. She helped a good friend during pregnancy and helped induce her when the time came. She also helped another good friend's dad who is about as grumpy and stubborn as they come... if she can help him she can help anyone. So, I'm very confident recommending her to just about anyone." Joe | AZ

I’d love to know any thoughts or questions you have about acupuncture ~ let’s have a conversation in the comments below!

And if you’re interested, come to the SAN Center for an appointment ~ I'd love to meet you!


Happy thoughts,

Kiya | Licensed Acupuncturist

P.S. Interested in the healing potential of acupuncture, but not the biggest fan of needles? We offer auricular therapy sessions! By applying 24k gold seeds to specific acupressure points in your ears that last for several weeks, your body is stimulated back into balance both physically + emotionally.

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