Do you want to know my little secret to happy patients who experience major shifts?

Hint: they smell or taste amazing and I’m constantly talking about them.

Of course I’m talking about LOTUSWEI flower essences. And there is a reason I prescribe them to my patients; they work! I mean *next level* work.

For my patients who have been using the products, it’s a whole different experience when they come in for a treatment. Their body’s are more responsive, and the treatment strategy is more simple. Acupuncture works pretty darn fast, but adding the flower essences to the treatments takes them to the next level. They open up the channels and allow major shifts to take place. Patients get up from the table looking + feeling different.

I also often hear this statement: "this is the first time in a long time that I've felt hope." This lights. me. UP! I then suggest specific flower essences to use in between their appointments for the transformation to continue while they are at home! I've seen shortened healing times, lasting results, and super happy people.

They’re the perfect support for healing and you can’t use too much of them - aka, no such thing as overdosing or getting addicted to them! My patients are instructed to use them 5 times a day, or more if they feel like they need it. I also have them use them as a way to reprogram the mind, and break unhealthy habits.

If you’re ready for a major shift and ready to heal the root of your unhappiness, I’d love to meet you + figure out what flower essences, in combination with Eastern healing arts, can support you most right now! 

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With excitement to catalyze transformation,

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