The program will officially begin Feb 15th!

In Nourishing Abundance, we’ll talk about the connection between the different systems of the body.

We’ll illuminate new ways of thinking about food & self-care and share simple tweaks you can add to your day to experience more vitality & optimism! 

We will be doing speed journaling during the meetings and Q&A at the end of each meeting.
Email Chef Justin & Alan with any questions you have,and/or send a message in Mighty Networks!

Gentle Release of Unnecesary Patterns
flower essences, liver & gut optimization, hunger habits, liver acupressure
Zoom Meeting 2/15 @ 5pm MT~ 7pm EST ~

Establishing Productive Habits
tai chi, food preparation tips & techniques, meditation & breathing, abdominal massage
Zoom Meeting 2/22 @ 5pm MT~ 7pm EST ~ JOIN HERE->

Creating Sustainable Lifestyle Habits
Zoom Meeting 2/29 @ 5pm MT~ 7pm EST link coming soon

all zoom meetings will be recorded and emailed to participants

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Within the Mighty Networks Nourishing Abundance group you can chat with other group members, post pictures and quotes, words of inspiration, videos, and learn more about how others are Nourishing Abundance in their lives.

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  • Liquid Sunshine Power Chia Pudding

    Make a batch of this chia pudding and portion it into 4-6 smaller cups for a breakfast bite or an afternoon snack. Power through the day!

    Liquid Sunshine Chia Pudding Recipe 
  • Dates & Nuts Power Green Energy Balls

    Make a batch of these date energy balls fortified with Power Green Powder. They can balance blood sugar and cure the sweet tooth cravings at the same time by having them as a snack or after meal dessert.

    Dates & Nuts Power Green Energy Balls Recipe 
  • Ayurvedic Seed Infused Butter/Oil

    Think of this recipe as a stomach cure all condiment! The toasted blend of seeds, infused into butter or oil, can be put onto any dish; it is especially good on sauteed veggies, chicken breast, and sweet potatoes.

    Ayurvedic Seed Infused Butter/Oil Recipe 
  • Prepping Salmon Filets

    Wild Caught Salmon is nutrient powerhouse, a vitamin cabinet of nourishment. Compare it's nutrition to your vitamin cabinet and see! Use this recipe for a week of food prep or for a family meal. Top it off with the ayurvedic seed infused butter/oil to increase its nourishing capacity.

    Prepping Salmon Filets Recipe 
  • Greens and Apples with Power Greens

    This sauteed greens recipe includes real cruciferous greens as well as power greens powder; a two for one knockout! Enjoy them with animal protein, rice, or a roasted eggplant!

    Greens and Apples with Power Greens Recipe 
  • Nourishing Mineral Broth

    Mineral Broth is beautiful. Since it is loaded with ingredients from the start, it provides support to every single dish that it is included in.It is like fertilizer for a plant; it helps everything.

    Nourishing Mineral Broth Recipe 
  • Quick and Easy Breakfast Steak with Greens and Dried Fruit. In the video we use flank steak, swiss-chard, and golden raisins; and you can mix and match different ingredients into the recipe like kale and cranberries, or bok choy and goji berries with soy sauce.

    Breakfast Steak Prep Video 

YOUR Nourishing Worksheet

This is YOUR worksheet to fill in. Create your own guidelines, make your own choices based on what you want to eat, and choose your own ideas of inspiration. Remember, It is about ABUNDANCE, not restrictions. Even write out your own rewards!
Yes, we should reward ourselves to.
Here is an example of a filled out sheet -
EXAMPLE WORKSHEET - use for reference

BLANK WORKSHEET - print and fill in

BLANK WORKSHEET (landscape) - print and fill in

GOOGLE SHEET - make a copy or download to edit


Zoom Meeting Recording- Week 1 - 2/14/2024

Instructions to the Cook, by 13th Century Zen Master, Dogen

This is my favorite writing on "how to cook."
In essence, instructions to the cook, are also, instructions for life. How we do one thing is how we do everything. So cook well!

Bonus Movie of Dogen's Life
Zen - The Life of Zen Master Dogen

Tenzo Kyukun - Instructions to the Cook

Rose Amazake with Divine Within Flower Elixir

Bitter Gourd with Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Wei of Chocolate Aphrodisiac with Open Heart Flower Elixir