New to Thermography?

New to Thermography?

We’re always on the lookout for game changers when it comes to health and wellness, so when we met Derreth Painter at a recent conference, we were all excited!

Derreth is a woman of many talents, not the least of which is her skill at thermography.

New to Thermography? It’s a touch-free, painless and radiation-free alternative to mammograms and other types of imaging!

Wouldn’t you like to get a professional medical report that assessed any of the following:

  • Locate hot spots of pain in the body, that are hard for other types of medicine to pinpoint
  • Establish a baseline and follow up, looking for any early indications of abnormalities in breast tissue
  • Get a visual on medically illusive conditions like fibromyalgia
  • Look at how effective alternative treatments like acupuncture are by patterns of inflammation
  • Show early indications of blockages or inflammation in multiple body system

Below are several samples of what you can see in a Thermal Scan!

Ever wonder what Fibromyalgia looks like?

Here is a visual example of the pain:

The 'hot' areas in the thermographic image above indicate muscular and myofascial inflammation.

The thermographic images below demonstrate the effects of cell-phone radiation:

Before: a thermographic image of the head with no exposure to cell-phone radiation.

After: a thermographic image of the head after a 15-minute phone call. Yellow & red areas indicate thermal (heating) effects that can cause negative health effects.

Pre & Post ~ Upper Cervical Chiropractic Changes:

The patient above was experiencing occipital neuralgia (intense pain in neck & back) & migraines caused by subluxation. Notice the decrease in red areas in the head and upper back.

Various other conditions & what they look like captured with thermography:

Using an Infrared camera to record the body’s temperature, we can digitally map metabolic processes, blood flow, and areas of inflammation and constriction. This non-invasive adjunctive diagnostic tool can reveal the likelihood of potential health concerns, dysfunctions & pathologies (even at its earliest stages), as well as assist in confirming existing conditions, or serve as a tool to monitor treatment efficacy.

It is safe, and free from radiation, discomfort & side effects.

Derreth is a visiting practitioner at the Self-Arising Nature Center, so sessions are limited to when she is in town. 

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

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