What’s your favorite organ?

I dare you to use that question as an ice breaker at the next party you attend. ; ) If I was at that party with you, I would flip out and yell “LIVER!

Yes, I am serious. I LOVE THE LIVER ~ the actual organ in our body and what Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says about it.

The liver has over 600 different functions, and according to TCM, it is the Boss. The liver holds our immortal spirit. It makes sure everything is flowing in the body, assists with digestion of both food and emotions, stores blood, detoxes, and so much more! This poor little organ has a lot to take on, right?

When the liver gets overburdened, it stores the excess of toxins in our fat cells and the emotions it can’t handle in the Dai Mai meridian. Pollution, pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, drugs (recreational, pharmaceutical + supplemental), suppressed emotions, fried or greasy foods, excess red meat, and constant stress are all things that overburden our liver. If you’re easily angered or frustrated, like being triggered by traffic, then your liver needs some support.

As always, start with the basics. Are you drinking enough water? Are you breathing correctly? Are you pooping? If not, start with the first two and see how it affects the latter.

Other ways to support the liver include:

  • Taking a break from everything that exhausts the liver (alcohol, drugs, pesticides, supplements, red meat, etc).
  • Eat steamed vegetables + lean meats.
  • Drink room temperature lemon water.
  • Move your body!
  • Acupuncture to balance the body without side effects - it uses your own body's resources to correct itself.
  • Incorporate stress reducing techniques like mindfulness + breathing.
  • Use Infinite Love by LOTUSWEI to connect with your liver + start working through some of these emotions that have been repressed.

After all the above have been worked through, I like to use GI Revive, a supplement that helps heal the lining of the gut. After the gut lining has been healed, I then might recommend herbal medicine for further liver cleaning if needed.

I don’t believe in extremes, and most of the liver detox stuff out on the market right now is all about getting you fast results, right. now. But what is really happening is your body is being triggered into a high-stress mode to yield that temporary result. When the liver is stressed, it gets burdened and then it stores even more crap in the fat. Doesn’t make much sense, right? But that’s the society we live in. We want it, and we want it now.

Healing is a gentle experience. We must be kind to ourselves. We must learn to take care of ourselves, not for a 2 week cleanse, but as a daily practice.

You want to discuss this further? Come meet us at the SAN Center in Phoenix and we can get more into it!

Happy thoughts,

P.S. If you are one of the brave ones and actually use that question as an ice break, please let me know how that goes! ; )

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