Do you want to get Healthy in a Gentle way?



1. Get your Gut to work for you!

2. Love your Liver and let go of Anger

3. Make more blood for your brain & focus on what's important!

4. Get fire back into your life to do your passion!

5. Live to love … and Love to live!

We can have the most amazing diet of organic foods & fruits, but if our Gut and Liver are not conditioned to digest & absorb the food we put in … fat chance we can turn it into red blood cells to nourish our body!  

In Nourishing Abundance, we’ll talk about the connection between the different systems of the body.

We’ll illuminate new ways of thinking about food & self-care and share simple tweaks you can add to your day to experience more vitality & optimism! 

You will be FULLY supported.

Week 1 Gentle release of unnecessary habits and emotions : LOTUSWEI flower essences & nutrient supplements

Week 2 Establishing Productive Habits : chocolate meditation, food preparation, breathwork, tai chi

Week 3 Creating Sustainable Lifestyle Habits : active daily meditation, yummy habits, clarity of mind

What the support looks like:

  • 3 live zoom group calls : recorded & emailed
  • Q&A for personal growth
  • interactive speed journaling
  • weekly accountability emails
  • curated LOTUSWEI flower essences
  • delicious healthy recipes
  • meal preparation & planning guidance
  • healing Chinese medicine practices 
  • meditative Wei of Chocolate 
  • hand-blended Wisdom Nectar Herbal Tea
  • liver-activation Clearvite supplement
  • cellular optimizing microgreen supplement

When our body is depleted (not enough blood production), our innate body wisdom says, “Hey, you don’t have enough resources to do anything, just lay down and rest so you can make more blood before you do anything!

When we have a hard time digesting food to create red blood cells, there are a variety of direct symptoms, like: 

Frustrating emotions, irritability, sadness, restless sleep or no sleep, fatigue, low sexual drive and no umph to get out & exercise! 

The primary benefit of upgrading our Gut and Liver is to get our body to make more blood & energy, so we can get up – and do the things we want to!

Program Includes:

The Support of LOTUSWEI Flower Essences

Retails for $150

Sacred Body Elixir:
Boost immune system & revitalize energy 

Gamechanger Anointing Oil:
Break habits effortlessly

Divine Within Elixir:
Nourish self-arising healing power

The Support of Clearvite

Retails for $120

ClearVite-CLA uses an advanced formulation containing collagen-based protein & targeted amino acids that support the intestines, liver detoxication & sugar metabolism.

ClearVite-CLA is formulated to support energy levels with no added sugars or carbohydrates.

  • I have used this gentle liver/gut support for 15 years with many patients. They love it. The results speak for themselves.

    Dr. Alan Chang | Phoenix, AZ

The Support of Power Greens Shake

Retails for $55

Quench your body's cravings with nutrient powder to generate vitality and nourish your body with super greens & healthy fats.

Power Greens Shake is a delicious green drink that helps energize & balance alkalinity every day. 

The Apple-Berry flavor provides a sweeter taste without harmful, unnatural, or sugar-based additives.

The Support of Wei of Chocolate

Retails for $12

When your stomach starts to rule your mind, ground back into your commitment with a piece of flower essence-infused organic dark chocolate.

Revel in rich textures: nutty black sesame seeds with an earthy black lava salt finish. This bar embodies the Earth element & activates an unshakable ground of abundance within you.

Every bar of Wei of Chocolate is organic, vegan, non-gmo, keto, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and ethically sourced.

The Support of Wisdom Nectar Tea: Courage

Retails for $30

A sweet, comforting & earthy blend for all ages. Contains herbs traditionally believed to support clear eyesight, healthy liver and glowing skin. Growing older is not for sissies; take courage.

Organic Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Chicory Root, Pau D’Arco, Bilberries, Dandelion Leaf, Red Clover Blossom & Burdock Root

SAN Center Membership

Includes Membership to SAN Center for 1 Year - $21

Becoming a member of the SAN Center is the only way to access our transformative services & programs, in person & virtually.

Flourish in a community that combines ancient wisdom traditions with cutting edge new practices. Tap into your innate wisdom to heal yourself & be surrounded by people who value the same.

Meet Alan & Justin

  • Dr. Alan Chang

    Alan Chang, L.Ac is a second generation acupuncturist, having taken over his father’s practice 20 years ago in California. 

    Alan is gentle & intuitive; he quietly tunes in to what people need, picking up emotional causes behind what’s causing physical symptoms. He can also identify daily lifestyle habits that greatly improve your vitality & wellbeing. Certified in the art of LOTUSWEI flower essences, Alan incorporates the bioenergetics of flowers into every single one of his treatments.

    Meet Alan 
  • Chef Justin Booher

    Justin is a food & beverage director & private chef with over 15 years experience in a large variety of restaurants, cafes, and event spaces in multiple countries and states. 

    With a broad scope of focus steeped in the need for holistic vision, he creates food with a sense of place that is just as beautiful on the plate as it is good for the body. 

    His concepts & thematic dinners nurture connection, growth and expansion.

    Meet Justin 

This program is jam-packed with wisdom & tips to keep you nourished, like: 

Fun, inspiring recipes to nourish your whole being

Acupressure points for more vibrancy

Gentle exercises for building chi & radiance 

How to nourish yourself with snacks, beverages & meals 

What it means when you wake up at night 

What your tongue reveals about you

And a special box of goodies delivered to your door – our favorite curation of flower remedies, delicious drinks & nourishment, designed to revitalize you!