August 15, 2018


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What is inside 7Song’s First Aid Backpack
  • The versatility + benefits of Activated Charcoal, Chaparral + more!
  • The main goals and principles of running the Ithaca Free Clinic
  • Herbal home remedies for all types of ailments
  • What you will learn if you attend 7Song’s Northeast School of Botanical Medicine (plant identification, wild collection, medicine making, patient care)
  • Ways of naturally easing feelings of anxiousness

7Song in nature LOTUSWEI flowerlounge podcast

More about 7Song:

7Song is a clinical herbalist, teacher, botanist and naturalist. He is the director and main instructor of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. He is a founder and practicing herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic, an integrative clinic providing free consultations and herbal medicine.

As a clinical herbalist, he practices an integrative approach working alongside conventional and holistic practitioners to provide multiple healthcare avenues for people’s needs. He aspires to make herbal medicine accessible, affordable and within the reach of everyone.

Some of his goals as a teacher is to help students learn accurate plant identification and environmental awareness while gathering plants for medicine. He also teaches clinical and counseling skills and how herbal medicine can offer primary and adjunct treatments for acute and chronic health conditions.

7Song has been active in herbal first aid for many years working at clinics, first aid stations and as a street medic. He has helped run the first aid station at the Rainbow Gathering for over 25 years, which is an off-the-grid first aid station that many people daily with a wide range of health conditions.

One of his herbal medicine passions is traveling, gathering and preparing the herbal medicines that he uses in his practice. He also teaches at a number of herb schools and conferences in the US and abroad. Look for him in various habitats taking photographs of things that run, crawl, fly or photosynthesize.

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