Plant Based Palettes + Natural Dyes

December 20, 2017

EP 10: Plant Based Palettes + Natural Dyes with Sasha Duerr

Sasha's favorite childhood plant + words she used to describe it: Evergreen Tree: Calming, Alchemical, 'One with Everything'.

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Sasha Duerr is an artist and designer who works with plant-based palettes, natural dyes and place-based recipes. She is a professor at the California College of the Artswith a joint appointment in textiles and fine arts where she designs curriculum and teaches courses in the intersection of natural color, slow food, slow fashion and social practice.

Her work has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States and abroad. In 2007, Sasha founded Permacouture Institute to encourage the exploration of regenerative design practices for fashion and textiles.

Sasha's extensive work with plant-based palettes and ecological principles through local land-based sources and community has been featured in the New York Times, American Craft Magazine, Selvedge, and the Huffington Post. She is the author of The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes (Timber Press/Workman 2011). and NATURAL COLOR (Watson-Guptill/Ten Speed Press August 23rd, 2016). She lives with her husband and children on their urban farm in Oakland, CA.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The art of Medicinal Color
  • Sasha's favorite botanicals for natural dyeing
  • Seasons and how to work with our environment's cycles
  • Connecting with places using seasonal plants
  • The biodiversity of color

Contact Sasha Duerr:
Instagram: @sashaduerr
Twitter: @sashaduerr
Visit her website!

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